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13 years ago  ::  Nov 29, 2006 - 12:54PM #1
Capcom Admin
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The Phoenix Wright franchise is blessed with fans who are very creative and love to write your own fan fiction, case files, and other user created content. Well, I too, like to write my own fan fiction.

However, this is only the beginning. I like to see it continued, as a group project. Please write your own segment or continuation of the story, and post it! I'm looking forward to having many good reads from all of you!


DEFENDANT: Patricia Penny
VICTIM: Patricia’s boss, Alexander Harris
WITNESS: Alexander’s wife, Winifred Harris
PROSECUTION: Hamilton Berger


Phoenix kicked his feet up on his desk and crisply snapped open the fresh newspaper, flipping casually over to Page 4 where the second half of the sensational front page story continued. The headline splashed across the front page read, "Admin Suspected in Employer’s Homicide!"

From behind the folds of newspaper came soft telltale footfalls and a familiar voice.

"Hey Nick, you ready for trial this morning?" It was Maya Fey, Phoenix’s trusted associate and spirit medium turned mystic. She wore the usual, or rather, unusual, flowing flower-dotted clothing that caused previous witnesses on the stand to refer to her as a "hippy".

"Of course," Phoenix smiled confidently, folding the newspaper and tossing it across the desk towards her. "But as usual, it’s not going to be easy."

Maya looked over the paper and shrugged. "We know you’ll pull it off, you always find a way! But do you think Patricia can handle being on the witness stand and being cross-examined?"

Phoenix’s eyebrows knit together as he pondered the question. "I hope so. She seems pretty broken up about her boss’ death. Even though she had only just begun working for him a few months ago, she really liked working there. She didn’t have a single bad thing to say about Mr. Harris. The thing about this case is," Phoenix leaned across the desk, "Patricia had never seen Mrs. Harris in person before that night. That’s just weird."

"You mean the night of the murder? Mrs. Harris never visited the office even once in those several months Patricia was there?" Maya gasped.

"Nope," Phoenix shook his head. "First time Patricia saw her in person was when she discovered Mr. Harris laying on the floor. Mrs. Harris appeared in the doorway behind her as Patricia kneeled over Mr. Harris!"

"That IS strange. And just a bit too convenient for her to show up at just the right moment! How long were the Harris’s married?" Maya said, putting her hands on her hips.

"They were just about to celebrate their 25 year anniversary!” Phoenix answered, shrugging. “Patricia said that the only contact she ever had with Mrs. Harris was whenever she called the office and asked to speak with Mr. Harris."

Maya raised one eyebrow. "Sounds like you should keep that in mind when you get Mrs. Harris on the witness stand. Something is fishy there. So what evidence are you submitting for the Court Record?"

Phoenix pulled four items from his briefcase and laid them neatly across the desk. He started with a clear plastic bag containing a semi-grimy sharp object.

"Item 1: The Murder Weapon. This is the letter opener from Patricia’s desk. The murderer used it to stab Mr. Harris in the back."

Maya couldn’t help cringing. No matter how many murder cases she was involved in, the idea of someone hurting another person always made her a bit squeamish.

Phoenix moved on to the shiny square object which was contained in another clear plastic bag. "Item 2: Patricia’s cell phone. Patricia left the office at 5:30pm, but received a voicemail message on her cell phone from Mr. Harris at 7:32pm asking if she could please return to the office to help him find an important personal document that had somehow gone missing. The voicemail is still saved on this phone. His message sounds a bit angry, if you ask me."

He moved over to the third piece of evidence, a manila file thick with multicolored papers. "Item 3: The Autopsy Report. It indicates that the victim, Mr. Harris, died at approximately 7:45pm from a lethal stab wound to the back which resulted in the victim bleeding to death within minutes. It confirms that this letter opener is the murder weapon, the blood on it is a match."

The fourth piece of evidence was a very thin manila folder which Phoenix opened to reveal a few stapled pieces of white paper. His finger traced down a long list of names and times printed in black. "And finally, Item 4: The Building Security Log. Each person entering or exiting the building had to use a magnetic badge to unlock the front door and the security system recorded it. This shows us that Mr. Harris came into the building in the morning, left for lunch at 1:16pm, came back at 2:35pm, and…" he swallowed, "never left again. This also shows Patricia leaving at 5:33pm and arriving through the front door again at 7:40pm."

As if trying to break the somber mood, Phoenix’s computer played a pleasant musical tone. He quickly checked his watch. "Uh-oh, time to go. Court’s almost in session!"

"Then let’s get out of here!" Maya smiled, helping Phoenix shovel the evidence into his briefcase.
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13 years ago  ::  Nov 29, 2006 - 12:55PM #2
Capcom Admin
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20 minutes later, Maya and Phoenix arrived at District Court and entered Courtroom No. 4 precisely on time. The judge sat sternly at the head of the court room. "The court is now in session for the trial of Ms. Patricia Penny."

Patricia Penny sat next to Phoenix in her black business suit, her hair pulled up into a loose bun. As nicely as she had applied her make up and assembled her clothes, it was obvious by the circles under her puffy eyes that she had shed continuous tears in lieu of eating or sleeping. She sat dejectedly, hunched over in her seat. One could imagine she felt she had no hope.

Behind the opposite desk stood the prosecution, attorney Hamilton Berger. "The prosecution is ready, Your Honor."

Phoenix nodded to him and answered, "The defense is ready, Your Honor."

Without any delay, the Judge announced, "Mr. Berger. Please give the court your opening statement."

Mr. Berger stepped out from behind his desk. "Thank you, Your Honor. The defendant, Ms. Patricia Penny, was at the scene of the crime. The prosecution has evidence she committed this murder...and we have a witness who saw her do it. The prosecution sees no reason to doubt the facts of this case, Your Honor."

"I see. Thank you, Mr. Berger," the Judge nodded. "Let's begin then. You may call your first witness."

Berger turned to the court room and, too dramatically for Phoenix’s tastes, boomed, "The prosecution calls the witness at the scene, Mrs. Winifred Harris!"

Immediately, an older woman in her mid-fifties stood and quickly approached the witness stand. She was dressed impeccably from her beige fur stole and matching hat to her beige high heel leather pumps. She neatly placed her coin purse in front of her and folded her hands across it.

"Please state your name for the record," Mr. Berger inclined his head toward her.

"Winifred Harris," the woman stated, patting nervously at her neatly styled milky blond curls.

"Thank you Mrs. Harris," Mr. Berger said. "Can you please tell us how you are involved in this case?"

Winifred’s face crumpled. "I’m the victim’s wife!" she suddenly sobbed, snapping open her purse to retrieve a lacy white handkerchief. "I’m here to testify that…THAT WOMAN," she pointed to Phoenix’s defendant, Patricia, "brutally murdered my…my husband!"

Immediately the court room broke into an audible buzz. Patricia’s eyes filled with tears as Phoenix stood and commandingly announced, "Objection, Your Honor!"

One step ahead of Phoenix, the Judge banged his gavel, "Order, order in the court! Mrs. Harris, the court sympathizes with your loss, but we must ask you to refrain from making such accusations. Now, Mr. Berger, please proceed."

Berger, who had been patting Mrs. Harris’ shoulder sympathetically, nodded and turned to face both her and the court room. "Mrs. Harris, I know this is going to be difficult for you…"

Phoenix rolled his eyes. It was obvious Berger was going to play this drama thing to the hilt. Winifred dabbed at her eyes.

"…but I’m going to have to ask you to please describe to the court what happened on the night of your husband’s murder."

This caused Winifred to burst out into yet another uncontrollable sob. "It was about 7:30 or so. I arrived at Alexander’s building to meet him for dinner. We were supposed to go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant to celebrate our…our…" she dabbed at her eyes again and cried "25th anniversary!"

"Please continue," Berger nodded sympathetically.

"Well," she hiccuped. "I took the elevator up to his office and, when I got there, the door to the office was open. That’s when I saw him! I saw Alexander lying on the floor and HER," she pointed accusingly at Patricia, "kneeling over him! He was already dead!"

Once again, the court broke out into a cacophony of murmurs and whispers. The judge banged his gavel and the sound quieted down. Patricia slumped even more hopelessly in her seat.

"Mrs. Harris, what did you do then?"

"Why, I called the police! She kept trying to explain to me that she didn't do it, but that was her letter opener in my husband’s back!" Winifred sobbed.

Berger nodded again and announced to the court room, "I see. I think this witness’s testimony proves without a doubt that the defendant is guilty. Wright, your witness!"

"This woman’s testimony feels a bit too rehearsed," Phoenix thought to himself, stroking his chin. "Time to make my move."

Phoenix stepped forward, squared up the witness dabbing at the corners of her eyes, and began his cross examination. "Mrs. Harris, please describe to us once again what happened the night of your husband’s murder."

Winifred nodded and took a deep breath before beginning again. "It was about 7:30 or so. I arrived at Alexander's building to meet him for dinner."

Suddenly, Phoenix stood up and, pointing to the witness, boldly objected," HOLD IT!"

Maya knew exactly which piece of evidence Phoenix was going to call upon to prove that Mrs. Harris was lying. "Great job, Wright! Way to put her on the spot!"

To Be Continued... By You!
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13 years ago  ::  Nov 30, 2006 - 10:34AM #3
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Berger raised his eyebrows, wondering if it weren't too early to object. He decided to wait and give this Mr. Wright a chance to say his piece -- after all, it was best to know your enemy, or so they'd said at law school.

Phoenix nodded appreciatively at this restraint, or so it seemed, and started pressing Berger's witness: "Mrs. Harris... you testified that you took the elevator to your husband's office. Which floor is the office on?"

"He was... he was lying on the floor!" Mrs Harris was on the verge of tears again, but before Berger could convince himself that this merited an objection, Phoenix had picked up the pace. "The reason I am asking is that I am curious to know how long it took you to reach the office."

"I... it's on the 17th floor. The view is magnificent at this time of the year, with the sun setting behind the skyscrapers. We used to watch the red skies together with my poor Alexander."

"That's funny," Phoenix said, tapping his folder. "According to my sources, you never visited your husband at the office."

Berger sprung to motion. He was not going to listen quietly as the defence attempted to ruin his witness's good image in the eyes of the public. He already imagined hearing murmurs from the back: 'What's this about her poor Alexander, sounds like the woman never set foot in his office. I wonder about the sleeping arrangements...' -- or something in the same vein.

"Objection!" he shouted, more boomingly than should have been possible for his slight stature, but this was how they'd taught him to do it, and this was how he was going to do it. For the sake of the dead man. For the sake of his mourning wife. "I believe you are expected to provide slightly more solid evidence than hearsay from an anonymous 'source', dear Mr Wright."
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13 years ago  ::  Dec 15, 2006 - 5:46AM #4
Grey Fox
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(Thought I'd try and help. Never played Phoenix Wright, but I enjoyed this fiction)

Wright let a wry smile creep onto his face.

"I beg to differ, Mr. Berger. My sources are entirely legitimate. The evidence I have is from the security logs on the night of the murder. For your leisure, I will recite the record concerning Mrs. Harris."

In a flippant manner, Wright flicked through the manila envelope to the pages he needed and removed them. Taking time to clear his throat and compose himself, to the obvious displeasure of Berger, he paused then read out the text;

"Guest admitted at 7:10pm. Referral: Mr. Harris 101."

Turning the page, Wright scanned the text for the section he was looking for. He easily picked out the details he needed from the mess of jargon and codes that littered the automated log.

"It also states here it was the first time you were admitted to the building." Wright flicked his head back and let out a whisper of a laugh, then continued. "It seems, Mrs. Harris, we've caught you on two lies. Need I remind you that you are under oath?"

Berger shot up from his chair and with the indignation he felt he suffered clearly expressed on his reddened face and shouted "Objection!"


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13 years ago  ::  Jan 05, 2007 - 10:44PM #5
Galaxy Convoy
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Berger pointed his finger straight at Phoenix.

"TWO LIES?  I fail to see where these two lies.... err... lie within her statement!"

Phoenix merely shook his head.

"Don't you see it yet, Mr. Berger?  This witness claims that she had entered the building before.  However, her statement contradicts the record, where it clearly states that it was her first trip there."  This struck Berger by surprise slightly; his eyes widened.

"Witness," Phoenix continued, "why did you visit the office that night?"

"Objection!" Berger blurted out.  "The reason why she visited the office that night is irrelevant.  What matters is what she saw!"
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13 years ago  ::  Jan 21, 2007 - 10:32AM #6
Uzumaki Naruto
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"Actully" The Judge started at Berger " I am intrested in why she went there.." He nodded to Phoenix to contuine with his statement.

Phoenix accepted and turned to Mrs Harris " So Tell me... Why did you visit that office that night?" he asked narrowing his eyes at her.

Mrs Harris looked broken, her eyes watering " ALRIGHT" he bawled which startled the entire court "The story is.. I Left the house cause I was worried about him, I was peeking through his letters and one stated there would be attempt on his life... And he told me to never visit him at the office... But I was so worried.. When I arrived I was too late.... SHE KILLED HIM" Her eyes blugled with hatred towards Patericia

" OBJECTOIN!!! There is no proof that she killed him"  Phoenix shouted his eyes narrowing at her " and what if your lying?" he asked her.

" HERE" She shouted pulling out a small pink note, there she handed handed it to the judge who stared at it " It says so...." He then banged his gravel " I Call it a day, Miss Winfrey is Innocent. Court adjourned til tomorrow"

"Outside of Court"

" So Phoneix? What do you think?" Maya asked while Phoenix started at her

" Think about what?"

" THE NOTE" She shouted in his ear

" Geez calm down" Phonenix growled looking at her " Well... The Note is light pink, And the writing is a darker pink, So the person who killed Mr Alexander.. must love the color pink" He stated

" Any Ideas who did it?" she asked staring at him, Phoneix nodded

" Yeah.... I read that Alexander was rivaled with another business called Corp Ingo, They had a meeting around 7:30" he turned to her " I bet someone from that company did this"

Maya smiled " Well Might as well check it out, Ask some questions there" she smiled as Phoenix nodded " Alright, Lets go" he said walking with her towards the Company

A man was walking behind the Duo, he recorded everything Phoenix said " Target... Phoenix Wright..." He then turned the opposite way and walked away, he was shadowed in a large coat but one thing could be seen, he had a Insiga on his hand, a Pink Panther.
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7 months ago  ::  Oct 01, 2019 - 5:33PM #7
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A man was walking behind the Duo, he recorded everything Phoenix said " Target... Phoenix Wright..." He then turned the opposite way and walked away, he was shadowed in a large coat but one thing could be seen, he had a Insiga on his hand, a Pink Panther.

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