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13 years ago  ::  Dec 22, 2006 - 6:38AM #1
mrs edgeworth
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It was a cold frosty morning and Miles Edgeworth arrived at the courthouse in his lovely shiny car he couldn’t wait till he got inside he was hoping for a nice cup of tea but when he got to his office he saw that Phoenix, Maya, Gumshoe and Miya were going through all his stuff and drinking all his tea

Edgeworth: What are you all doing in here??
Nick: What’s does it look like we're drinking your tea
Edgeworth: But I thought you didn’t like tea
Nick: (sweat drop) Well…. I kinna ran out of coffee
Edgeworth: So you all decide to drink my lovely precious tea then
All of them: Yup 
Maya: Oh did you hear there’s a new attory coming today to investigate the missing donuts case
Gumshoe: Yeah but Maggy did it coz she was caught red handed yup yup she’s sure was (sweat drop)
Miya: Who is that coming in the car park
Nick: Who ever it is needs to slow down
Maya: They're going to crash into that lovely red car
Edgeworth: WHAT??!!! That’s mines
Then the car smacked in to Edgeworths car
Edgeworth (running out) I’m going to kill that driver and im....
Then I stepped out of the car
Stef: Oh I’m so sorry I was running late and im so sorry
Edgeworth: No it’s fine let’s sort out the details (smiles)
Nick:(whispering to Maya) Yeah and its not about his car
Maya: Yeah

So Edgeworth and me got the car details sorted out and I introduced my self
Nick: So you’re the new attory and your here about the missing donuts case
Stef: Yeah and I’m going to find out who did it
Gumshoe: (whistling) Well it was Maggy yup it was her oh would you look at the time I need to jet (about to run)
Stef: HOLD IT!!!! You seem to know something about this (grabbing him) your coming with me
Edgeworth: She’s lovely right Nick
Nick: Oh yeah yeah um but she’s just like Miya
Miya: What’s that suppose to mean
Nick: (sweat drop) Uh never mind

So I ran into the courtroom

Judge: I see your early Miss Fisher
Stef: That’s because your Horner I just found out who stole the donuts it was him
Gumshoe: You don’t have any prove of me doing it
Judge: Very well lets begin the court session

And so the court session lasted for 2 hours and was coming to an end
Stef: And therefore we all find you “GULITY!!!” Gumshoe
Judge: Because of your job I’ll let you off easy this time
Gumshoe: Oh thanks Judge
Judge: But you still need to be punished and so for an entire week you must clean the courthouse toilets okay that’s a wrap case closed

So we all walk out of the courtroom
Nick: Wow your were amazing your such a quick learner
Stef: Why thank you Mr Wright
Nick: Please call me Phoenix or Nick
Stef: Okay Nick
Maya: So so what do we all do now? Can we drink more of Edgey’s tea?
Edgeworth: NO you cannot!
Stef: Did you say tea ohh I would love to have a big mug Oh please Mr Edgeworth please
Edgeworth: Sure come this way to my office and please call me Miles
Stef: Okay then Miles 
We were about to head to Edgeworths office until
Karma: Hold it Wright you owe my daughter an explanation!!!
Franziska: That’s right (whips Nick several times) why did you dump me? Huh? (Whips again)
Stef: Hey you leave Nick alone
Franziska: What’s it to you newbie
Stef: Look just leave Nick alone
Franziska: No (whips Nick again)
Then I grabbed her whip and break it
Stef: I said leave him alone got it
Karma: How dare you attack my daughter? (Attacks me, Maya and Miya)
Miya: I wont let you hurt Maya

Then Karma gets out his teaser gun and zaps Miya with it then he grabbed me and Maya and smiled
Karma: If you want to see these lovely ladies again then meet me in my castle and bring the ransom demand of one million pounds
Nick: But we don’t have that kind of money
Karma: Oh well (turns back evil) If you don’t show up with in the next few hours your jobs, as super awesome lawyers will belong to me BAW HA HA HA HAH!!!!!! Come Franziska lets go
Franziska: Coming father I’m going to make you pay Wright

Then they teleported with me and Maya
Edgeworth: C’mon Nick to the Edgeworth mobile 
Nick (sweat drop) Uh… I don’t think that’s a good time to say that. What about Miya?
Edgeworth: My car is only has 2 seats and besides Gumshoe can take care of her lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nick: Oh okay coming

Karma: Through them in there Franziska
Franziska: Right father (through us into a huge cage)
Maya: What are you going to do to Nick?
Franziska: I’ll decide when the time comes
Stef: You better let us go and you better not hurt Miles or Nick
Franziska: Miles??? Edgeworth you mean
Stef: That’s right if you hurt him or even lay your finger on him I will beat you up
Franziska: I would like to see you try anyway we need to go to plan for Wright and Edgeworth coming hope you enjoy your stay
Franziska: Shut up (whips cage) If you don’t pipe down I’ll whip you to death
Maya: Okay okay we’re sorry just don’t attack us
Franziska: Right I’m going now see ya (leaves room)
Maya starts to cry
Stef: Maya you okay
Maya: I never got to tell him
Stef: Huh tell who??
Maya: Nick I never got to tell him
Stef: Tell Nick what??
Maya: That I love him and now I wont because we’re going to die
Stef: Maya don’t say that and uh I wont to tell Miles how I feel about him too.
Maya: Really??
Stef: Yeah I do I just hope they come soon
Maya: Yeah me too.
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13 years ago  ::  Dec 22, 2006 - 6:39AM #2
mrs edgeworth
Posts: 4
Nick and Edgeworth were travelling to the castle in Edgeworth’s car
Edgeworth: Oh oh I need to put this song on (plays “Let the rain fall down” by Hilary Duff)
Nick: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! (Hold ears)
Edgeworth: Yeah I love this song (sings along)
Then all of a sudden the car stopped and the tyres went down
Nick: I think Karma is trying to wreck your car
Edgeworth: That pig! C’mon Nick lets go we’re nearly there
Nick: Okay lets move

So then they started walking through the forest towards the castle
Edgeworth: Ahhh Hilary Duff is lovely isn’t she Nick and her song rocks
Nick: Uh I wouldn’t know Edgeworth  (sweat drop) 
Edgeworth: Well actually Stef is more better actually do you think she feels the same way about me? (blushing)
Nick: (sweat drop) Well I dunno well um maybe
Nick: Look I dunno anyway there’s the castle.


Karma: Ahh it looks like our guests have arrived Franziska deploy the androids
Franziska: Right away father

Nick and Edgeworth entered the castle

Nick: Okay Lets split up I’ll go right and you go left

Edgeworth: Okay I’ll turn on my cell phone in case you want to phone me at any point and phone me if you find the pig okay.
Nick: Right lets go!!!!

So Nick headed down a long staircase and Edgeworth headed along a long hall way

Edgeworth: There has to be a room somewhere in this place ah ha (finds a room)
Edgeworth opened the door and when he looked inside there were lots of android woman
Android woman: Good evening Mr Edgeworth care to have a little fun
Edgeworth: Look ladies I have to go (walks to door)
Android woman: (runs up to door) We can’t let you leave
Edgeworth: Oh boy (thinks) how am I going to get out of here? Ah ha I have an idea

Mean while

Nick: This staircase goes on forever ah at last. (Comes to a dead end) (Sweat drop) What idiot would put a dead end at a bottom of a staircase?

Karma:(on microphone) Me I put it there ha hah and now Edgeworth is in trouble thanks to my androids

Nick: Edgeworth hang on buddy I’m coming

So then Nick ran back up the staircase and ran to the room where Edgeworth entered but when Nick opened the door he saw Edgeworth dancing around in his underwear with the “Investigation Cornered” theme playing in the back ground and broken android bodies everywhere

Edgeworth: (music comes to a stop) Uh (sweat drop) I was destroying the androids
Nick: (eyes goes big) Yeah I CAN see that hurry up and get your clothes back on we don’t have much time left and I think I know where his room is
Edgeworth: Uh okay 5 minutes (putting on trousers)
Nick: I’ll give you 2 we don’t have much time left

Karma: Bravo well done but you won’t be able to beat me (microphone)
Nick: Oh really (coming up behind karma) BOO
Karma: (shocked) How did YOU find my room so quickly??!!
Nick: Well it was obvious you did put up a huge sign saying “Von Karma’s room in here” (points)
Karma: Franziska I told you to take that sign down
Franziska: Opps (blushes) sorry
Nick: All right cut to the chase were are Maya and Stef
Edgeworth: YOU better tell me where they are or I’ll (takes out his phone) or I’ll phone the police
Karma: (laughs) Ha and what are they GOING to DO to me
Edgeworth: **** it well I’ll just punch you in the face
Then he punches him in the face
Karma: (holding face) That was really sore you know
Nick: (sweat drop) Well of course it was anyway where are they
Karma: I’m not telling

So then nick Edgeworth and karma started to fight all matrix style
Karma: Franziska go hurry and hide them
Franziska: right father
Edgeworth: I’ll hold karma off you go after her
Nick: But???
Edgeworth: No buts just go it’s up to you now do it for Maya
Nick:(gets all fired up) Yeah hang on Maya I’m coming to save you
Then Nick runs after Franziska.
Franziska: What are you doing?
Nick: I’m going to save Maya and Stef what’s it to you anyways
Franziska: Well if you want to see them alive you better catch up Wright
Then Franziska ran down the hall way
Nick: Nice try but I’ll catch up
Franziska: **** it
Nick: You going to tell me where they are
Franziska: No why should I
Nick: Because (steals whip) I have your whip
Franziska: You wouldn’t
Nick: Then tell me where they are or I’ll whip you and get you back for all those times you whipped me
Franziska: all right follow me ca I have my whip now
Nick: no if you take me to Maya and Stef then you will get your whip
Franziska: promise
Nick: promise
Franziska (thinks to her self) excellent once he’s in that room I’ll lock him in there and put on the gas ha ha ha ha hah!!!

Mean while 

Karma: Look Miles I have no idea why your are even trying you cant hurt me
Edgeworth: Well maybe I cant hurt your body but (smiles) I can hurt your ears
Karma: What are you doing?
Edgeworth: This (plays “Investigation Cornered” theme from his mobile) 
Karma: NOOOOOO!!!!! (Breaks phone)
Edgeworth: You broke my phone now your going to pay
Karma: What are you doing now stay away from my super awesome computer
Edgeworth: You broke my phone now feel the power of my mp3 player plugged in your computer with this song playing
Karma: What song? What are you going to do to my computer?
Edgeworth: “Let the rain fall down” by Hilary Duff

The song plays and then karma starts to press buttons

Computer voice: detention in 5 minutes repeat detention in 5 minutes

Karma: you idiot look what you did
Edgeworth: OBJECTION actually you pressed the button
Karma: (sweat drop) we’re going to die (runs about)

Mean while
Nick and Franziska where walking down the hall way and then they heard the voice message
Franziska: father I’m coming
Nick: HOLD IT you said you would lead me to Stef and Maya
Franziska: okay okay they are just down at the end here the door on the right
Nick: you better not be lying to me
Franziska: my father will die if I don’t get him out of here he cant run that fast and we have 3 minutes now no way is he going to make it out of here with me please I’m telling you the truth
Nick looked at her
Nick: okay ill take your word for it
Franziska: good luck (kisses him) I just hope my father is still alive (runs off)
Nick: (holds check) wow okay now to find Stef and Maya

The I need a hero song plays

Stef: Miles where are you I’m scared and worried Nick c’mon we have 2 minutes before this place explodes
Maya: Nick I wish you were here oh NICK I never got to tell you

Then the door broke open
Stef and Maya: NICK
Nick: stand back (whips cage open)
Maya ran to nick
Maya: oh nick (hugs him) I thought I would never see you again (kisses him)
Nick: you sure your okay
Maya (blushes) I am now coz you’re here
Stef: where’s miles did he make it
Nick: I don’t know but we need to hurry we have a minute left
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13 years ago  ::  Dec 22, 2006 - 6:40AM #3
mrs edgeworth
Posts: 4
We all ran outside and Maya nick me karma and Franziska were out side

Karma: did everyone make it?
Nick: my ears (holding them)
Stef: sorry
Maya: okay lets go
Stef: I’m not leaving with out miles
Nick: the place is going to blow
Karma: hurry Stef lets get in you r car and get out of here
Stef: you mean the one you stole and drove up here
Karma…yes…. (Sweat drop)
We all got in the car Maya sat on Nick’s knee as my car was had 4 seats I reversed back towards the castle
Stef: I’m not leaving with out miles give me your cell phone
Nick: why
Stef: just do it
So then nick gave me his phone and I phoned Edgeworths phone

Edgeworth: How am I going to get out of here?
Phone rings
Edgeworth: huh I thought that was broken …hello?
Stef: miles where are you
Edgeworth: ahh my love I’m in the castle
Stef: I know you’re in there but where
Edgeworth: the west wing
Stef: jump out of the window
Edgeworth: but
Stef: just do it
Edgeworth: okay
So he jumped and he landed on top of Maya and Nick
Maya: drive drive go now
So I spun the car around and headed back to the courthouse then as we were driving the castle exploded
Maya: get off of me miles
Edgeworth: fine I’ll sit on Stef’s knee then
Stef: fine by me

So we got back to the courthouse

Judge: I see you caught them
Nick: yup
Judge: okay your coming with me
So the judge locked Karma and Franziska up at the local police station
Karma: next time Wright I will get you for this
Maya: so where do u want to go now
Nick: lets go to Edgey’s house
Stef: yeah can we
Edeworth: okay I don’t see why not
Maya: lets go

So I drove up to Edgeworths house

Meanwhile back in the courthouse

Gumshoe: give her CPR
Payne: okay
So Payne gave Miya CPR, she woke up and slapped Payne
Miya: hoe dare you kiss me
Payne: but I just saved your life
Miya: save it
Gumshoe: so uh aren’t you going to say thanks?
Miya: hmm let me think about that… NO
Then Miya walked up to the main doors and walked out but that’s not all she locked the doors from the outside
Payne: moody woman
Gumshoe: uh oh (tries door) we’re locked in and its Xmas (cries) Santa can give me my presents in here (cries louder) what can be worse than this

Maya: nick there’s something I need to tell you
Nick: (dancing to music) and what’s that
Maya (blushes) well I really love you
Nick: really wow and (blushes) I love you too Maya
Stef: awww isn’t that sweet
Edgeworth: (puts arm around me) it sure is
Nick and Maya stared to kiss under the mistletoe then Miya showed up
Stef: Miya I thought your were dead
Miya: nah I wasn’t dead lets get this party started (puts music louder)
Nick: yeah

Back at the courthouse
Payne: look at what I just found I found this in the disabled toilet and it smells real bad in there
Gumshoe: what that took me 3 hours to clean lets see that note
The note read: “ha ha gumshoe I made the toilet all stinking happy holidays love Larry Butz”
Gumshoe: (cries) I just had to jinx didn’t I
Payne: yup

Back at the party
Nick: okay everybody lets sing an Xmas song (starts to sing) jingle bells
Edgeworth: batman smells
Stef: robin flew away
Maya: the bat mobile lost a wheel
Miya: and the joker ran away hey
Nick: guys those weren’t the right words
Stef: doesn’t matter does it my love
Edgeworth: it sure doesn’t
Nick: all well lets all shout merry Xmas
Everyone: Merry Xmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And everyone expect gumshoe and Payne had a great time

The end
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13 years ago  ::  Dec 22, 2006 - 1:13PM #4
Posts: 10
Nice work! great stuff
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13 years ago  ::  Aug 14, 2007 - 1:44AM #5
Posts: 932
Wow you sure have some talent.  Good Job
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13 years ago  ::  Aug 25, 2007 - 8:33AM #6
Posts: 112
awsome i cant stop laughing about the tea gag haha poor edgeworth! and poor edgeworth's car too lol:D
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7 months ago  ::  Oct 01, 2019 - 5:32PM #7
Posts: 57

Aug 25, 2007 -- 8:33AM, mayafey1223 wrote:

awsome i cant stop laughing about the tea gag haha poor edgeworth! and poor edgeworth's car too lol:D

Maya: What are you going to do to Nick?
Franziska: I’ll decide when the time comes
Stef: You better let u go and you better not hurt Miles or Nick
Franziska: Miles??? Edgeworth you mean
Stef: That’s right if you hurt him or even lay your finger on him I will beat you up
Franziska: I would like to see you try anyway we need to go to plan for Wright and Edgeworth coming hope you enjoy your stay
Franziska: Shut up (whips cage) If you don’t pipe down I’ll whip you to death
Maya: Okay okay we’re sorry just don’t attack us
Franziska: Right I’m going now see ya (leaves room)
Maya starts to cry

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