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Unity Point Raffles: A free game every day this year

Monday, February 11, 2013, 2:09 PM [General]

UPDATE: Raffle updates daily! Check your login Dashboard for today's game!

Remember a week or so ago when we teased a grand return for Unity Points? Well that time has come - every weekday, for the rest of 2013, we will be offering a free game in honor of Capcom's 30th anniversary. Just hang out on Unity, earn points and throw your hat in the ring for a free Capcom game!

This post runs through Unity Points, but the tl;dr version is to log in, visit your dashboard and click "Unity Points" on the right side and then on through to "View Prize Catalog." Or you can jump straight here if you're already logged in.

The first raffle is for PS3 Dragon's Dogma. If you missed out on this the first time, winning a free copy is a great way to prepare for Dark Arisen later this spring. Today's raffle is 300 points per ticket, though that amount can change if we have something particularly cool or rare to give away.

That's a subtle way of saying you never know what the next day's game will be. To add to the metagame, you're only eligible to win once per week - so should you spend or save? While that does mean a Friday winner could win again on Monday, the odds of that depend entirely on the number of entrants.

Posting blogs, commenting, talking in forums etc all earn you Unity Points, as does sending us links for news stories! And even though some users have stockpiled an impressive stash of points, this is a raffle - they can buy extra chances, but it only takes one ticket to win.

Each day one winner will receive an automated message in the Unity Inbox. You will then be contacted by shipping maestro Yuri (aka Dubindoh) for shipping info.

This is also a great way to ring in Capcom's 30th anniversary - celebrating three decades of amazing games by giving a big ol' pile of them to you guys. We'll have more activity for C30 throughout the year, but between this giveaway and Capcom Arcade Cabinet, we're off to a pretty good start. More soon!

So without further ado... let's spend some points!

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