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11 years ago  ::  Feb 03, 2009 - 9:48AM #1
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If anyone's listened to the Top Secret podcast feat. Yoshinori Ono.

Ono-san states that while Capcom USA has outright told him that they didn't feel that a new Darkstalkers game was necessary, if we can "get enough people bombarding Capcom with requests, we could definitely turn that situation around." 

So this is my contribution to trying to "turn that situation around." It happened with Street Fighter, and now I'm hoping to see it happen with Darkstalkers. If Capcom does relent and make a new Darkstalkers game, I will buy it and I'm hoping that there are other's out there who feel the same as me. As such, if you feel the same way I do, sign your name here.

Yes, I know there's already a large Darkstalkers thread, however I feel that creating a new topic for this would help send a more powerful message, especially if it does grow  to be quite large. However, you can merge if you feel that it's beter for this to exist in the Darkstalkers thread.


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11 years ago  ::  Feb 03, 2009 - 10:48AM #2
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I would love to see a new DarkStalkers game running on the SF4 engine and done in the same art style. With all the characters from the past game along with new characters. Also it would be cool to see alternate outfits for the characters. But at give us one alternate for each in the game as unlockable and not paid dlc. Also character specific stages in this one please.

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11 years ago  ::  Feb 03, 2009 - 10:50AM #3
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Sadly, I have little hope for this if it's solely based on fan feedback. SFIV had people begging for it for years, including from Ono himself, and it wasn't until Xbox live HF did so well that Capcom finally caved in. Unless, say, Vampire Saviour for Live/PSN has the same level of success, I can't see them greenlighting this. Not only hasn't there been people clamouring for Vampire Soldier for years like players have for SFIV, but Vampire series can't claim millions in sales like SF series can.

I think The only way this is going to be be made is if someone high up at Capcom who is in authority to do so demands it.
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11 years ago  ::  Feb 03, 2009 - 11:18AM #4
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HD Morrigan

HD Lilith

HD Felicia

Plus a seriously remixed Donnie, a la Beta HDR Fei.

That ought to be enough to get us a Vampire 4.

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11 years ago  ::  Feb 03, 2009 - 11:21AM #5
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I of course throw in my support for a new Darkstalkers game. But not in the same Style as Street Fighter IV, maybe also in pseudo-3D but others wise not the same style to avoid the stigma it got when it first came out as "Gothic Street Fighter". The only thing that hurt Darkstalkers in the past is that even though it came out of the gate ahead of other fighters (with better mechanics like "pursuit" forward and backward dashing, air dashing, semi-flying characters, high jumps, air projectiles and other supers, ect...) it didn't stay ahead, and then started to lag behind, they even let the most popular character(s) who appeared in cross-over games look bad by just recycling the same sprites. glad Tatsunoko vs Capcom they re-rendered Morrigan's.

Even with out a new game the Darkstalkers have been appearing in alot of cross-overs over the years, if done right and with careful concern a new game could do great, especially as we have entered an era where horror is makeing a comeback (heck and one where horror is entering remakes and revivals: Hellraiser, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Wolfman, Dracula, Nightmare on Elm Street) all of those have either already or are coming out as remakes, plus the last few years have seen re-neweed interest in the classic horror monsters.

Eternal Support for Darkstalkers 4

Secrets of Aesperia: Stratalia Conspiracy (free)
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11 years ago  ::  Feb 03, 2009 - 11:24AM #6
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I would LOVE to see a new darkstalkers game. The idea of fighting monsters could appeal to a lot of casual gamers, it would just have to be well marketed.

If Capcom makes a really high quality Darkstalkers game it'll get great reviews and then it'll sell well. Give the game easy achievements and tons of achievement fools will buy it too.

XBL- BigApple3AM
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11 years ago  ::  Feb 03, 2009 - 2:46PM #7
P* (BayoBot)
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I would love to see another game, please make it happen!

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11 years ago  ::  Feb 03, 2009 - 3:01PM #8
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I love the Darkstalkers series, and having Ono be the producer for this game is a dream come true. The art, the mood and characters design and the gameplay in the Darkstalkers series is pretty awesome, and it would be great to see it in the new form of 2.5D. Make it more horror and dark would be great. This game was the reason why I got most consoles and psp.

So Please CAPCOM USA, please take this into consideration.

To all Darkstalkers fans out there, please have your voice be heard!

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11 years ago  ::  Feb 03, 2009 - 3:08PM #9
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I would love to see a new Darkstalkers game. And from what I heard from alot of people online, they have been waiting for a true new Darkstalkers game for many years.

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11 years ago  ::  Feb 03, 2009 - 3:21PM #10
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Yes! I would definitely buy a brand new Darkstalkers game.

I can't even begin to fathom how amazing it would look on the latest console. I'm thinking of SFIV's graphics and everything else within, only Darkstalkers instead.

Just sick, man, would be sick.

This could never happen, but I would throw in Jack Skellington Wink

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