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Welcome to the official Dark Void group page! Dark Void is a sci-fi action adventure game that combines an adrenaline-fuelled blend of jet pack and cover-based combat. Set in a parallel universe, you play as Will, a pilot dropped into the mysterious Void, only to meet fellow humans struggling to survive and fight the oppressive alien race threatening Earth.

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Dark Void
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Friday raffle: Dark Void miniature statue

Friday, May 23, 2014
By Yuri Araujo

Raffle Up! I mean, Rise Up!

If you liked jet-packing and UFO hi-jacking title Dark Void, then you deserve this little statue on your desk. Only 100 points per ticket and this could be yours!

Capcom Japan Launches Amazingly Detailed TGS Website

Monday, September 13, 2010
By jgonzo

Capcom Japan has really gone all out with their TGS coverage this year! Last week, their TGS site went live with tons of new info, screenshots, and swag for everyone to gawk at. Included in their update:

-The official Japanese Miles Edgeworth 2 TGS website

-All the awesome swag that they will have on the show floor

-An updated Mega Man Universe website

-Updated Monster Hunter Portable 3rd info

-The link to the official Capcom Japan TGS2010 twitter account.

-And more! They're even going to have a live webstation (sound familiar?)

If you can't read Japanese, don't worry! We'll be covering all the news out of Tokyo here on Capcom Unity!

The Top Ten Color in Servbot Entries

Thursday, September 9, 2010
By Snow

A few weeks ago we held a contest for you to Color in Serbot. We took all of you entries and put them up in a poll for Unity to vote on. The results are in, and we have our winner! Instead of just showing the number one, we've put up our top ten for you to see. Nice work to all of you who entered! These drawings will come in handy when we produce our Servbot Army and take over the world.

Top ten Servbots below.


Your Fan Made Videos For Our PAX Ustream

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
By jgonzo

I promised that I'd round up all of your video submissions for the PAX Ustream and here they all are! Enjoy! The video above comes to you via Capcom Unity member The Lone Dragon. Clash of the sassy bastards, indeed.

Check out all the awesome vids, after the jump!


Worlds of Capcom Fan Art Contest: Entry #25 Espiownage

Monday, August 30, 2010
By jgonzo

We're down to the last third of our entries for the Worlds of Capcom fan art contest! We'll be choosing a winner after all art has been shown!

Espiownage brings us today's crossover piece. I'll let him explain his very cool piece of art:

I've always loved the artwork depicting lots of characters from different series.  Marvel VS Capcom artwork does a good job of this.  So I basically wanted to do a picture like that.  I chose the Overpass stage from Street Fighter 4 as my setting and then I had to decide what characters I wanted to put.  There are quite a few right now, but I've decided to add more over the summer, as I feel like I can keep going.

Awesome work!

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