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Welcome to the official Dark Void group page! Dark Void is a sci-fi action adventure game that combines an adrenaline-fuelled blend of jet pack and cover-based combat. Set in a parallel universe, you play as Will, a pilot dropped into the mysterious Void, only to meet fellow humans struggling to survive and fight the oppressive alien race threatening Earth.

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Capcom-Unity Emoticon Contest

Thursday, July 8, 2010
By Snow

We're going to be tossing out all our old lame emoticons with brand new Capcom themed ones here on Capcom-Unity! We want you guys to help us out by creating some of the new emoticons. They can be animated, still images, anything Capcom related you can come up with. Just remember these need to be tiny, so try not to make them too big or detailed. This will mean replacing the emotes used all over the site, from the blogs, messages, broadcasts, forums, and everywhere else they're used on Unity. For reference, there's some examples of things you can do below, but that's hardly the limit.

More details on how you can help below.


Reminder: Capcom Unity Stories

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
By jgonzo

This a reminder to send me (via PM) your Capcom Unity stories! We want to hear from you folks in the community about your experiences with Capcom! Please check the original blog post for details, and remember, we encourage you to write more for this one! Some of the stories that have already come through include:

TWO couples meeting over their love of Mega Man

THREE community members that were critically injured or sick and played Capcom    games to help them recover

FOUR artists inspired by Capcom games

FIVE community members that took up martial arts after playing Street Fighter

And much more! Please take the time to write your own Capcom Unity story! We'll be using them for something special soon!

Happy 4th of July Weekend! What Are You Playing?

Friday, July 2, 2010
By jgonzo

We've officially started our 4th of July holiday weekend! Our weekly recap will return next week: as apologies, please accept this Mega Man figure created by Capcom Unity member Jaime!

In the meantime, what are you playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments! And feel free to look for fellow Unity members to play with in our forums!

The New Capcom Fan Art Contest: Worlds of Capcom

Thursday, July 1, 2010
By jgonzo

Welcome to our brand new fan art contest! We've previously had Mega Man related fan art contests tied to Mega Man 10 and Mega Man Zero Collection and now, we're doing things a bit different. Given Capcom's large library of characters and franchises, I wanted to give you folks free reign in combining your favorites! Chun Li and Roll? Go for it. Viewtiful Joe and Deviljho, Blanka and Wily, etc etc. Go crazy! We want to see stuff that has never been seen before (just...keep it PG-13 please).

Hit the jump for details!


The Capcom Animated Gif Contest: Winner!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
By jgonzo

We are very happy to announce the winner of the Capcom animated gif contest, dhim! Congrats! You get a random bag of stuff from Seth Killian's cube (huzzah!). Send me a PM with your name and address!

Be sure to check out all the fantastic entries in the comments of our original post (including 2 Snow animated gifs and one of me)!

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