Yuri Araujo
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    About Me: I'm an Associate Online/Community Specialist at Capcom U.S.A. Besides that, I'm a part-time Monster Hunter; part-time Bass player; part-time Game Designer; and a Linguistics alumnus from the Brandeis University.
    Favorite Genres: Action-Adventure, Action, Fighting
    Music: Jazz; Classic Rock; Video Game Music
    Movies: District 9
    TV: The Office; That 70's Show
    Books: The Great Gatsby
    Likes: Blue, sunlight, heat, summer, wind, the new Capcom-Unity page, sushi, pizza, bunnies, REGION-FREE GAMES/SYSTEMS.
    Dislikes: Winter, cold, rain, REGION LOCKED GAMES/SYSTEMS.
    Hobbies: Video Games, Drawing, Music (playing and listening).
I had a quick look around, and it's looking good. Will be interesting to see how it develops over time. Might have opened to the public a tad early since the public are locked out of everything, lol.
August 9, 2019 4:43 PM CDT
The Discord App is a bit heavy on my PC. I use a browser (discordapp.com) . I don't game on my PC. So won't be gaming on Discords. Great News. Thanks for the update. Jus added Capcom server to my discord account. If anyone is having issues on browser on adding Capcom server with the message "Claim account. E mail already registered, Try this ...

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August 10, 2019 3:37 AM CDT
Amazing I want to see and enter
August 10, 2019 3:46 AM CDT
I run a server for Lost Planet on Discord. How would I go about getting it listed in #capcom-community-servers?
August 12, 2019 5:49 PM CDT
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