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1 year ago  ::  Jan 03, 2019 - 10:38AM #1
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I'm going to be running Lost Mine set in Eberron for a group that'll be a mixture of adults and kids, but most of the people will be new. I decided to keep things simple (since kids are playing) I would get a concept of the character people wanted, make a character sheet, and remake it if anyone doesn't like what they got.

I walked a 10-year-old girl through Volo's Guide and she liked Tabaxi. Since the Tabaxi get bonuses to Dex and Charisma I asked if she'd rather fight (Rogue) or cast spells (Sorcerer) to keep everything super simple. She wanted to be a spellcaster.

Now, while I don't think there's any canon material on Tabaxi in Eberron, placing them in Xen'drik and saying they were enslaved by the giants along with the elves and drow thousands of years ago is kind of a "no, duh" moment. So, I decide if she's a Sorcerer, a Giant Soul Sorcerer would make the most since, and I decide on Fire Giant because that way she can just chuck Fire Bolt at people.

So, I give her this information, and ask her why her character left home, and how she knows Gundren. I was crossing my fingers that she would even be able to follow the background information, but I was seriously impressed by what she gave me. It was basically a Disney movie, but a halfway decent one:

Her sorcerer bloodline is through her mother. Her father was a chief who remarried after her mother died, and all her half-sisters are ugly (yes, 10-year-old), and jealous of her beauty and her sorcerer powers. So, they had her banished from her tribe. When traveling to Khorvaire her ship wrecked, and she was saved by Gundren.

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2 months ago  ::  Feb 10, 2020 - 7:21AM #2
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Ich habe mich längst von den üblichen Einsätzen bei Fußballspielen oder Tennisturnieren verabschiedet. Mein Interesse ist auf eSports gefallen, was mir bis heute Einkommen bringt. Turniere für DOTA, CS, Warcraft usw. sind bei Buchmachern nicht besonders beliebt, wodurch sich die Gewinnchancen in den Spielen noch erhöhen. Daher liegt meine Wahl auf der Hand. Vergessen Sie jedoch nicht, dass Sie informiert sein und die Ereignisse stets verfolgen müssen. Ich kann immer einen Zeitplan für kommende Veranstaltungen hier finden Es ist auch eine sehr praktische Ressource, da Sie immer interessante Artikel über E-Sport lesen und sich über die neuesten Nachrichten dieses Sports auf dem Laufenden halten können.

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