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Mega Man 10 Sheep Man Art Contest: Winner

Monday, February 1, 2010, 1:03 PM [General]

With the majority of the votes (26%!) HZ is the clear winner of the Sheep Man contest with his clever take on the phrase "A sheep in wolf's clothing." Congrats! You win the two Mega Man Udon art books: Mega Man: Official Complete Works and Mega Man X: Official Complete Works! Plus, you qualify for the finals in which you can win a signed Mega Man sketch by Inafune or Ariga! PM me with your address to collect your prize!

We're so amazed that all this crazy rad fan art was created so fast! And it's all really well done! Congrats to EVERYONE that entered, you all did good!

Don't forget to discuss the art contests in thr forums here!

Hit the break to see who made the top 10!

2nd Place: SpeedBrkr (7% of votes) with this amazing Sheep Man papercraft!


3rd Place: Drew (6% of votes) with this equally amazing papercraft! Good job to both of you!


4th Place: Min (6%) with this beautiful painting!


5th Place: Shinygirafarig (5%) with the hand-crafted, awesome, stuffed Sheep Man!


6th Place: Garth (5%) with this creepy and wonderful rendition of Sheep Man.


7th Place: Zebes (5%) with this official-looking Sheep Man art! Wow!


8th Place: Kiwi Kamikaze's (4%) whimsical take on the MM10 universe. I can't help but be charmed by it!


9th Place: ChaosZero's (3%) traditional paper rendition of Sheep Man!


10th Place: P-RO's (3%) amazingly colorful Sheep Man art!


4.6 (18 Ratings)

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