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Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition At NYU's Spring Fighter!

Thursday, April 14, 2011, 1:09 PM [General]

For all those Unity members around the New York City area, both Seth and I will be attending NYU's Spring Fighter event from April 14-16. And since we rarely get to come out and visit you guys, we decided to surprise you guys with the first public playable version of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition on consoles! Hit the jump for more info!

Update - Although the event is open to the public, the folks at the Game Center would like that you RSVP. Email with your name and contact info, along with which events you will be attending.

Spring Fighter 2011Ohhh snap!


The festivities start on April 14th at 7PM, with a screening of I Got Next. This documentary follows some of the top competitive Street Fighter players and what they think of the community today. Afterwards, Seth, along with pro player Joe Ciaramelli and Game Center researcher Charles Pratt will be doing a Q&A. On April 15 at 6PM, Seth will be lecturing and demoing in-game situations and how gameplay evolves throughout the course of playing.

Lastly, the Spring Fighter Tournament will be taking place on April 16th starting at 2PM. The tournament itself will be played on Super Street Fighter IV, but we will have two stations featuring the console version of Arcade Edition for you to try out! Make sure to hone your skills if you are entering the tournament, as there are some extremely awesome prizes the folks at NYU's Game Center will be giving out, including a brand new Nintendo 3DS with a copy of Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition!

Make sure to stop by if you have a chance, and we hope to see you guys there!


For more info, visit the NYU Game Center Blog.

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