I'm currently playing RPGs that are completely profanity-safe.

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Apr 6, 2020
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About: Hello, everyone, a Giant Bomb user rpgfanboy here. I'm an RPG ambassador who watches TV, play video games (both RPG and non). I am a graduate at my high school, and I have started a site called "RPG Game Room".
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    Nice to hear you again :D Yes i do remember Netto

    September 12, 2013
    8:50 PM
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    Hey thanks for the request ;)

    April 15, 2012
    7:19 PM
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    I do like Phineas and Ferb cartoon i will update that list I just dislike the Disney Channel because they have too many Live action Teenagers going to school shows

    December 17, 2011
    4:10 PM
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    Yes I'm still online :D

    November 11, 2011
    11:57 PM
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    In a interview Ono said wanted to make a Marvel Vs DC game

    October 29, 2011
    10:32 PM
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