Using “Objection!” in Ace Attorney stories is now

Feb 05, 2008
2008 Feb 05

Apollo JusticeSo help me, sweet baby Jeebus , we sorta can’t help ourselves but throw an “Objection!” or three into every post on Ace Attorney. Look, I’ve done it twice already! I’m officially declaring shenanigans on further Objection jokes in AA posts. The line must be drawn… here! Anywho, Colin Ferris is new fish in marketing here at Capcom on the AA series, so we decided to throw him to the wolves at Silicon Era to stand and deliver for his title. Colin explains why Apollo is named “Justice” while Phoenix is named “Wright,” throws out props for the cool pre-order keychain and compares Ema Skye’s character to CSI (favorably, of course). Go read, already!