The Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Combo Collection Arrives

Feb 22, 2010
2010 Feb 22

The ultimate MVC2 combo video has arrived, and you can find it HERE !

It’s a whopping 8+ gigs, but when it comes to MVC2 combos, this is pretty much the last word, breaking down nearly every system in the game into its component parts, all demonstrated via the magic of pretty combos.  The best part is that it has detailed notes about how it all works, so when you’re baffled by something (and you will be, even if you think you know the game like the back of your hand), you can read all about it. 

You can get a little bit of additional background and check out the trailer for the video here .  Magnetro has also put together an in-depth interview (in translation) with the video creator, Joo: 

About Joo

Question Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Answer I am the type of person who likes to do the things I enjoy intensely. For combos I decided that I would work on them until I had left something behind (a legacy).

Question Tell us a little about Meikyousisui.

Answer Meikyousisui was originally a team of 4 people working together, but now I’m the only one left.
There are lots of other things that I’ve wanted to do, but I’ve put them all aside in order to work on this.

Why do you like MVC2 so much? What made you decide you wanted to make combos for this game?

Answer I think I liked it so much because it was so flashy and stood out when compared to the huge amount of other games available. Also, all of the other people I knew who played it were all fun people. A simple answer, but for both combos and versus games, I think the answer is simply “because it is fun to play”.

Question How do you make your combos?

Answer There are generally two ways I create combos, Sometimes I come up with an idea and create a combo based on that, and sometimes they come about as the result of a large amount of testing/research.

For example, to follow up with an attack in a combo, I test all normals, all specials, all hyper combos, etc. That’s just one example (following up). If I find a combo idea, I will then test that combo idea for every character.

For this reason it takes an extraordinarily long time to create each combo.

Do you feel that there is a creative element in your combos? Or are they purely the product of rigidly systematic research?

Answer I think it is about 50/50. There are some combos that are created more or less mechanically/systematically, and then there are some that even I think are really well done (impressive/creative).

Question What are combos to you? What do they mean to you?

Answer The combo is the ultimate puzzle game for me.

Question Who is your favorite character?


About the DVD

Question Why did you choose to make a DVD?

Answer Because I wanted to compile the best things I have done on a DVD, making them easily viewable to anyone.

Question What were the requirements that combos had to meet in order to be on the DVD?

Answer I wanted the DVD to have combos for all of the characters, and each combo had to include the concepts that I deemed necessary.

Question You have said that this DVD is all of you, what does that mean?

I have spent an enormous amount of time on this DVD. I had and have a lot of other things I want to do, but I have put them all aside in order to create the DVD. It means that I have sacrificed a lot for the creation of this DVD.

Question You also said that the Cyclops 56 hit combo was your favorite because it was your best idea. Can you please give us insight on how you even made the combo? After all, both characters are not visible on-screen while the majority of the combo is occurring.

Answer I first saw the bug in one of Mike Z’s bug videos.
At that moment, I had the idea of a combo that took place off-screen. However, it was extremely difficult for me to actually realize that plan. Because the combo itself can’t be seen, I first performed it in a somewhat lower position. I did the first part of the combo at a height where it could be seen. Then I gradually increased the height while making the combo until it was enough hits that it could cause the dummy to dizzy out. I tried many combinations of normals until I found the patterns that kept Cyclops near the dummy. I spent an entire month of my summer vacation on the fine tuning of this combo.

Spending an entire month on creating just one combo is absolutely ridiculous, but I think coming up with and then realizing this combo has actually contributed quite a lot to me. I think it might be one of the reasons I decided I wanted to make the DVD actually.

Question I’m aware that the Ryu 27 hit combo was very difficult to make, please tell us about what made it so difficult.

Answer I didn’t actually intend to make the Ryu 27 hit combo. Let me explain about how the Ryu 27 hit combo came about.

I was originally looking for all of the characters’ FSDs. Although Ryu could connect a 2HK, he could not follow up in time after FSD occurred. I gave up trying to use 2HK and I started investigating in another direction.

Three conditions are necessary for an FSD combo:

1) A knockdown attack must connect after FS occurs.
2) The knockdown attack must have more than 10 frames of knockdown stun.
3) Be in time in order to follow up after FSD occurs.

One of the problems was finding a way to connect an attack that caused more than 10 frames of knockdown. Everything else was able to be worked around in some way or another. Ryu has a few down techniques if the 623+PP hits, 214+KK, 2HK, 236+PP, etc. When I checked to see if any of these had more than 10 frames of down time, the 2HK and Shinkuu Hadoken did, so I considered using the Shinkuu Hadoken for the FSD combo.

The only way that Ryu could follow up after the Shinkuu Hadouken is to dash. Since he can’t cancel his super in any way, FSD-Dash had to be employed. However, the Shinkuu Hadouken is a multi-hit super that doesn’t drop the character mid-way through. So I had to find a way to have the Shinkuu Hadouken drop the dummy while they were close to Ryu.

If you hit them at close range, they will fall right in front of you. However, this was too close to cause FSD-Dash. Next I researched a method to move the dummy into the air as well as a method to reduce the number of hits. I eventually decided on using Spider-Man’s anti-air assist. While testing jumping tools and offset relations, I found that I could drop them part way through with Ruby Heart’s 214+KK. Using this super to drop the dummy allows you to perform a very close range FSD Dash after the Shinkuu Hadouken. I wasn’t quite able to OTG after FSD-Dash at first, but I kept at it for an entire day and found a position where the OTG attack would connect.

The above is the process I used that led to the Ryu 27 hit combo. I truly felt glad that I had decided to make combos when I found this FSD.

Question Clearly you need an amazing amount of patience and perseverance in order to follow through with those combos. Can you please tell us what your motivation was throughout the DVD?

Answer The motivation provided by finding a new combo is amazing. But I’ve been playing with Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for 10 years now and there aren’t many new combos left to find, so I don’t really have much motivation at the present. For the DVD, I just really wanted to finish it, so it was more determination than motivation.

About Explanations

Question Are you happy that this combo explanation material was created for your combos?

Answer No, I knew that I would not be happy with this since we started making it. I’m a perfectionist and I knew that this endeavor would take a large amount of time – so I had to try my best on this. I’ve wanted to finish the DVD as I’ve put so much time and sacrificed so many things for it. Nevertheless, I decided to do it because I want a large amount of people to see the explanations and understand the combos.

Question How long did it take to make the explanation content?

Answer 9 months.

How were you able to communicate with the language barrier?

Answer I put a lot of effort into understanding the English. I’m not that good at English, but I can read it a bit. However, trying to write it was extremely difficult.

Question What do you think of the explanation content for the combos?

Answer Creating explanations takes a large amount of time, so I didn’t really do it much up until now. However, combos often aren’t understandable without an explanation. If viewing the explanation videos helps people understand the combos, then I think they are extremely useful. I’d be happy if someone sees this and decides they want to make their own combos.