Street Fighter vs Tokidoki

Jul 19, 2010
2010 Jul 19


Hi Capcom fans – as you know I usually only post when I’m excited about some collaboration, such as the ones we’ve done in the past with  Triumvir  or  Estate LA , or an event. Today I am excited to announce our most fun collaboration to date, Street Fighter vs Tokidoki . I met Simone Legno, creative director and creator of the Tokidoki brand, at San Diego Comic-Con in 2009 and as I was already a big fan of the colorful and fun brand, I knew that we had to do something together, particularly when I learned that Italian born Simone was a big Street Fighter fan. 400 of these limited edition shirts will be sold exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con at the Capcom and Tokidoki booths. Thanks a million to Simone, Cindy, Kaori and the rest of the great team at Tokidoki for making this happen!