Quick BCR2 contest of the day

Nov 12, 2010
2010 Nov 12

Here’s a quick question for you.  On the left, we have the main antagonist and always jolly Generalissimo Killt from Bionic Commando Rearmed 1.  On the right is the new baddy Sabio, who is definitely not Fidel Castro.  Now there’s a very intentional, if not extremely vague and loose, connection between these two guys that can be found out with some internet detectivery.

The first one to post a comment on what it is will win a little prize….that we haven’t figured out exactly what will be yet.  But it’ll most likely have a free code or two to a downloadable game, maybe some swag, and of course, the official currency of Unity….Unity points.  I personally think no one will figure it out, but people and the internet always surprise me.

EDIT- Here’s a hint.   Killt=?=?=Sabio.  Fill in the blanks.  It has something to do with their names.