Okamiden Creature Feature Round 1

Dec 21, 2010
2010 Dec 21

The world of Okamiden is full of some the nastiest demons and twisted monsters you’ll ever see. Some are based on real world myths — check out the Phantom Shears– and some just sprang from the mythology and the color of the Okami universe. We’re going to reveal the character art for these creatures as we head towards the March 15th 2011 release of Okamiden. Beware the Ides of March…and these creatures!

Thunder Ear

A thunder god’s drum that has been drafted to the side of evil. Corrupted by demons, it now only creates an awful, cacophonous beat. Where music soothes the savage beast, a cool wind might calm this one.

Ice Lip

The current form of a Red Imp who merged with his top. Eschewing any other master with a cold touch, this creature is nigh unapproachable. Perhaps fire could succeed where other weapons fail.

Fire Eye

A fiery spinning top is usually taken as an ill omen. More so when it has a large demonic eye at its center such as Fire Eye. Legend holds this demon was once a boy who had failed to notice a fire engulf his house, and then him and his top as well.

Three-Faced Top

The toy no one wanted to play with became a demon when one picked it up. It has no distinguishing features, and chooses to mimic other demon tops. It’s perpetual mimicry has led to scarring on its featureless surface.

Phantom Shears

The spirit of a love-spurned woman who ended her own life. When she sees people who share a relationship or bond of any kind, she is filled with envy and anger, and seeks to sever those ties permanently.

Learn more about the myth behind this creature here –check out “Amikiri”


A mischievous demon that cuts off people’s hair without warning. Originally a woman who never found love, this vengeful spirit is enraged by the beauty of humans, and thus tries to remove their hair.

Flame Jelly

Those who lose their lives at sea find their spirits take the form of a fiery jellyfish. They like to suck the souls from swimmers’ legs.


These half-human, half-fish creatures float around in the ocean. They never deviate from a course, and are obstacles to people trying to swim.