Okamiden Character Feature Round 2

Jan 14, 2011
2011 Jan 14

The world of Okamiden is full of colorful characters and creatures. Some are based on real world myths and some spring from the mythology and the color of the Okami universe itself. As mentioned before we’re going to reveal more and more character art for the inhabitants of the world of Okamiden as we head towards the March 15th 2011 release date via the Offical Okami Facebook page (almost daily) and here collected from Facebook reveals every Friday on Unity. So if you want the drop on this info check out and like our Offical Okami Facebook page and be sure to vote for the TOP 150 Goblin Face Masks as well.



A famous inventor who lives in Sei’an City and loves nothing more than tinkering with mechanical devices. Once he spots a device he has never seen before, he suddenly wants to start making one. His genius almost becomes cause irreparable damage during the upcoming events.


Meet the Lady Scholar, she studies the history of Nippon and has no other interests outside of her studies. She feels a great sense of responsibility to others, even to the point of endangering her own life. She thinks about her research day in and day out, and as has yet to go on a date. She has been asked from time to time in a round about way, but not realizing that she was being asked out, she eventually put her suitors aside. This time, however, it appears she has changed her approach towards these suitors due to the recent catastrophe…

Stone Dragon

Sculpted by an artist who took no food or rest until it was completed. All who fail to show it respect will be burned with a cursed flame.

Flow Dragon

A stone sculpture whose long-held desire for freedom became reality. At first content to be able to fly wherever it desired, those feelings soon transformed into a desire to attack people.


Originally built to protect buildings from harmful spirits, it was overwhelmed by a particularly nasty demon, and now has joined their ranks. It enjoys using its fangs to tear human flesh from bones.

Flame Gargoyle

A gargoyle that has decided to attack humans of its own volition. Its memories as a beneficial protector have been completely lost. Its only pleasure is in feasting upon the humans it once protected.

Red Head

Costume lion heads used during certain festivals that now have life of their own. For some reason they despise humans, and seek to devour them with a voracious mouths that can never be sated.

Blue Head

Costume lion heads used during certain festivals that now have life of their own. For some reason they despise humans, and will stalk their human prey until they are dead.