Printing Error on Xbox 360 Box Front of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

Jun 28, 2011
2011 Jun 28

We recently received our samples of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition here in the office, and discovered that for some of the units, the packaging for the Xbox 360 version were incorrectly printed as Xbox instead (without the “360” part). We apologize for the confusion this may cause. Please rest assured that the product inside is for Xbox 360 and will play on the system.  

In addition, we would like to make amends with an added bonus for fans – we will have a new box front image we’ve commissioned by artist Stanley “Artgerm” Lau (who recently redid character art for us on Street Fighter 3: Third Strike – Online Edition). We will have more information about this new cover (including an image) in an upcoming post very soon.

Since we’ll be making the artwork available as a digital file, that you’ll be able to print out on any color printer or at your local Fedex Kinko’s, even if your copy isn’t  affected, you’ll get the benefit.

PS3 owners, even though the printer didn’t mess your version up, we haven’t forgotten about you either. We’ll have a PS3 version of the new cover for you guys too.

Thanks guys for your understanding, and we will get that information out soon.