Arcade Edition Skate Decks Auctioned Off for Japanese Tsunami Relief Fund

Jul 08, 2011
2011 Jul 08

We were looking for unique items to showcase at the Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition launch event, when a light bulb went off in our heads. Since the event was a shout out to the two Dark Hado characters in Arcade Edition, why not show some love to the two fun loving Twins, Yun and Yang? With this in mind, we approached the  Imaginary Friends Studio  to create some custom skate decks as a nod to Yun and Yang, and believe me when I say they turned out beautiful. 

After the event,  we were approached by Music for Relief about auctioning off the boards to help the Japan Tsunami  Relief Fund. If you’re interested in checking out the skate decks, then please visit  Music for Relief  for more information, and visit the  auction page  if you would like to bid on one of these gorgeous skate decks.