Update on the Arcade Edition PC Patch

Jul 11, 2011
2011 Jul 11


We were originally going to have a small patch available for users today to manually replace as an interim fix until a proper title update could be rolled and internally tested. We apologize for the delay while a new plan is being rolled out.

We have created a full title update that’s already with Microsoft being on track for expedited approval. Consequently, users won’t have to manually do anything when the update goes live Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. It’ll update automatically when you launch the game.

This title update will include the following fixes:
– Support for keyboards and gaming devices that were not being recognized by the game
– Patch allowing re-mapped keys
– Changes Fixed Mode as the default graphic setting
– DRM removed for non-Steam versions of the game
– NVIDIA 3D Vision enhancements 

Please check back as we will have additional information soon, and please visit the Arcade Edition PC issues thread if you have encountered any problems that we haven’t mentioned.