Monster Hunter Tri – World Eater Weekend

Nov 04, 2011
2011 Nov 04

This weekend brings a very special event to Monster Hunter Tri. Specifically, there is an event quest available called World Eater, that features a Deviljho nearly big enough to devour worlds (hence the name) . Why is this quest such a big deal? Malek sums it up nicely,

“Why is the event such a big deal? Well, if you didn’t know, the World Eater event is good for a few reasons. The drop rate for DevilJho gems is increased, but more importantly you have a chance to rack of Time worn charms. This is a huge deal for anyone hoping to get that rare God charm.” 

The community is already preparing and rallying up for the event, so no need to worry about going this one alone. You can go pair up with Malek if you’re a pierce gunner, or you can meet up with the rest of Capcom-Unity in server valor 4, gate 40. You guys hopping on to slay some giant Jho?