Pharaoh Man’s Phorum Picks – Weapon Contest

Mar 09, 2012
2012 Mar 09

Phresh phrom the phorums, Pharaoh Man will be periodically picking out his phavorite threads and highlighting them right here on the phront page for your viewing pleasure.

Today’s thread has the potential to fan up a bit of controversy, but I’m selecting this at my own risk because I believe it warrants highlighting. Also, I’ll level with you–it’s not really Pharaoh Man picking these threads, it’s me. GregaMan. But Pharaoh Man has provided moral support and been a great model, what with the mighty finger and all.

As many of you know, I used to exclusively manage the Devroom, a Unity group for  Mega Man Legends  fans to gather and exchange ideas for  MML3,  which was still in production at the time. By now, we’re all well versed in the unfortunate fate that awaited that title, but I do like to think that the Devroom remains a testament to the creativity, good nature, and cooperative spirit that can come out of an online community.

As a matter of fact, did you know that the Devroom still exists as a place where fans can interact and talk about Legends?  I’ve been delighted to see a positive energy still running through the group in spite of everything, as exemplified by today’s pick–” Get a Weapon!: The Mega Man Legends Weapon Contest “. 

This thread is a new, fan-run event in the style of the events we used to run officially when the game was still in the works. The event is completely organized and run by fans, who have even provided some  impressive prizes for selected submissions. That’s way cool, and since fans showing love and doing creative things is what Unity is all about, I wanted to give praise where it’s due, at the risk of opening some old wounds. 

If you’ve got some time and a good idea for a weapon, definitely check this event out. You might win some great swag!

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