Celebrating 25 issues of Mega Man – the best moments so far

May 08, 2013
2013 May 08
Minish Capcom

Archie Comics’ “Worlds Collide” crossover series continues today with the milestone Mega Man #25. Hit up your local comics shop – or your iPad, Kindle etc – for this and the rest of this crazy collaboration with Sega!

Worlds Collide is just the most recent storyline, of course. Let the Games Begin kicked things off, followed by the Powered Up themed Time Keeps on Slipping and the MM2-inspired The Return of Dr Wily . That led right into Spiritus Ex Machina and Rock of Ages (and its art contest ), which bring us to the present day.

In celebration of its two years (and counting) of existence, Archie and Unity chose some of our favorite moments in the series. Anything we left out that should have made the cut?

25 – Guts Man and Concrete Man belt out some tunes at Karaoke. Maybe they should try out for Robot Idol? (MM#17)

24 – Quick Man’s got enough ego for both himself and Mega Man. Of course we’re just referring to the name of that juice! (MM#11)

23 – Bubble Man’s threats go unheard… and trumped by Mega Man’s accidental jibe! (From  Mega Man #9)

22 – Powered up Time Man and Oil Man are revealed! (From  Mega Man #4)

21 – Gil and Xander aren’t so different after all… it’s just their morals that differ! (From  Mega Man #21)

20 – Mega Man and Bass team up! (From  Mega Man #20)

19 – Rock gone bad! Mega Man may have many powers, but even Robot Masters need to take a break and refuel. This is what happens when Rock doesn’t listen to Dr. Light.  (From  Mega Man #11 and #12)

18 – Cut Man, Guts Man and Bomb Man settle a birthday gift dilemma.  (From  Mega Man #23)

17 – Mega Man uses his copy ability for the first time. (From  Mega Man #2)

16 – Young Dr. Wily… and his ponytail. (From  Mega Man #18)

15 – Crash Man’s self conscious about his hands.  (From  Mega Man #10)

14 –  Xander’s origin revealed! (From  Mega Man #16)

13 – Wily’s day off. Looks like someone could use a laundry day!  (From  Mega Man #23)

12 – Mega Man sees red as a defeated Heat Man receives no mercy from our blue hero whose been infected by Wily’s virus. Here we get a glimpse of what Mega Man is capable of if he were to turn evil permanently. (From  Mega Man #10)

11 – Box art Mega Man strikes again! Luckily this was only a joke in the ‘Short Circuits” comic strips! (From  Mega Man #1)

10 – Brother vs. brother! Feeling like he’s been replaced, Blues (aka Break Man) confronts Mega Man for the first time!  (From  Mega Man #23)

9 – Turns out Ice Man is an environmentalist. Who knew? (From  Mega Man #18)

8 – Dr. Wily shows off his coordination by wielding a chainsaw and sipping from a swirly straw all while creating his latest Robot Master. (From  Mega Man #8)

7 – Damsel in distress? No way! Roll is just as brave as her brother, which begs the question – is the world ready for Mega Woman? (From  Mega Man #19)

6 – The charge of the LIGHT BRIGADE! A new superhero team is born as the original robot masters band together to take on the nefarious Dr. Wily! (From  Mega Man #12)

5 – Dr. Wily gets taken down! But don’t count him out for long… (From  Mega Man #4)

4 – Mega Man has it all – a mega buster, a cool helmet, and of course… HAIR… (From  Mega Man #11)

3 – Ice Man may be cold, but his artificial heart is anything but! Keep the dream alive, little guy… (From  Mega Man #22)

2 – Blues goes on a journey of self-discovery. Which path he takes is yet to be determined! (From  Mega Man #18)

1 – Rock takes up the call to action and Mega Man is born! Dr. Light’s greatest creation won’t rest as long as there is a threat to humanity at large. (From  Mega Man #1)

Here’s to the next 25 issues! And if you’d like to see the full size versions of these pages, our gallery has got ’em all!