Project X Zone – Capcom Characters Spotlight

May 08, 2013
2013 May 08

Project X Zone, Namco Bandai’s upcoming crossover with Sega and Capcom, proves there’s no such thing as too much fan service…

I won’t pretend to be an expert on all the characters nestled within Project X Zone, Namco Bandai’s tactical rainbow of a collaboration with Sega and Capcom coming this summer to Nintendo 3DS. However, when it comes to Capcom cameos and references, I counted at least a couple dozen and in the video below. And I guarantee I probably missed a few!

In this quick video you’ll not only see some of the characters who made the Team Capcom cut, but also the glorious fan service they unleash once the gloves come off and they start kicking ass and performing specials. Eagle-eyed Capcom fans are in for a real treat, so feel free to share the Capcom shoutouts you find in the comments below. Nothing is too obscure!

You can find out more about Project X Zone over on the official website and be sure to check out the official trailer below.