MH4U monster spotlight: Tigrex, the Roaring Wyvern

Jun 21, 2014
2014 Jun 21
Yuri Araujo

Fan favorite Tigrex is back and it is fiercer than ever before!

Since its debut in MHF2 , the Tigrex has been a real threat to newcomers and veteran hunters alike. Now with the addition of more vertical maps, this fearsome wyvern had to learn a few new tricks to remain offensive and dangerous.

As climbing was made easier for hunters, it was also made easier for monsters with really strong front limbs, like the Tigrex. It will now ignore most terrain elevation and keep charging at you, climbing small ledges and even walls!

And to mix it up a bit, Tigrex can also leap quite far or toss rocks at you – ice rocks if you’re hunting it in the Frozen Seaway. When you fight a Frenzied Tigrex though, these projectiles will infect you with the virus.

One of the most interesting things about the Tigrex in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is that it will not stay in place when you’re riding it. While most other monsters will only flail their torso to shake you off, the Tigrex will actually start rolling around the map, covering quite a bit of distance and hurting anyone in its way. It’s quite an epic struggle!

After you manage to hunt a few of these incredibly vicious monsters, you get to craft some fierce-looking equipment. Here are some examples:

Switch Axe

Relic Blademaster armor

Relic Gunner armor

And a little bonus for you guys, here are some weapons you can craft from the subspecies, the Brute Tigrex (Long Sword and Gunlance):


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Tune in next Friday for a look at a very dangerous monster couple making their debut in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate , which is scheduled for an early 2015 release on the Nintendo 3DS .