MH4U monster spotlight: Kecha Wacha, the Strange Ape Fox

Jul 11, 2014
2014 Jul 11
Yuri Araujo

If you like the idea of a more vertically varied combat, then you’re gonna love hunting a Kecha Wacha!


One of the biggest features in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is how it opened up the combat options to allow for faster vertical movement and better use of terrain when thinking up your hunting strategy. Now how about a monster that uses this same feature to hunt you?

Well, it’s important to note that all MH4U monsters make use the uneven topography in the game, but the Kecha Wacha has a few unique tricks of its own. For example, let’s say you’re standing on a ceiling of vines looking for the right opportunity to jump down and attack your prey. The Kecha Wacha can use its long arms to swing around underneath you and surprise you by pushing its way through the vines.

On the other hand, if the Kecha Wacha is also on top of the vines, it can grab a bunch of them and shake them vigorously under your feet causing a temporary stun that leaving you open for a potential deadly strike.

Kecha Wacha concept art

This Fanged Beast might look a little playful, but if it gets angry, it’ll cover its eyes with its ears, becoming invulnerable to both Flash Bombs and Sonic Bombs. Yep, hunting this beast is no monkey business!

One angry-looking Kecha Wacha (actually in rage mode)

Here’s some of the equipment you may craft after felling this beast:

Blademaster armor

Gunner armor

Great Sword

Hunting Horn

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate comes out on the Nintendo 3DS early 2015.