Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy – Great People Around Town: Legal Edition

Sep 05, 2014
2014 Sep 05
Janet Hsu

Konnichiwa from Capcom Japan! Janet Hsu here, with an obligatory “character intro” entry, although, truth be told, dossier-style profiles are kinda generic and boring… So instead, sit back and enjoy a clip from “Great People Around Town: Legal Edition!”


“Great People Around Town” – the morning news show segment that brings you special on-the-spot interviews with the people in your neighborhood!

Host: Today, we’ll be talking with the fine folks of the Wright & Co. Law Offices. With me now is Mr. Phoenix Wright. Congratulations on your big win just now.

Host:  So, I was wondering if you could tell our viewers a little something about yourself.

Phoenix: Oh, um, sure. *ahem* My name is Phoenix Wright.

Host: That’s a mighty shiny Attorney’s Badge you have there. I daresay it’s like a representation of your yet untarnished ideals.

Phoenix: Well, someone has to believe in the defendant, right? Especially in the face of such overwhelming odds. I hear there’s even a prosecutor in our district who hasn’t lost a single case in 40 years. Think of all the people he’s gotten convicted in all that time!

Host: I… I don’t know what to say…

Host: Well, I want to thank you for your time, Mr. Wright, and I wish you the best of luck in your career.

Phoenix: Aha ha ha, thanks! We’re just a small little office, but…



Host: According to my sources, the other half of the Wright & Co. Law Offices should be here in Defendant Lobby No. 4 somewhere… Aha! I do believe we’ve found her! Ms. Mia Fey! “Great People Around Town” here, and we’d like to interview you for our segment, if you don’t mind.

Host: Thanks. So I understand that you are the junior member of the Wright & Co. Law Offices?

Mia: Actually, that’s the “Fey & Co. Law Offices” and I’m the senior member.

Host: Oh! I’m very sorry about the mix-up…

Mia: Don’t worry about it.

Host: Is that how you came to have your own office?

Mia: Let’s just say that I felt that I had done all I could at my previous office, and thought it was time to strike out on my own. Still, the time I spent at the Grossberg Law Offices will always hold a special place in my heart.

Host: Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but your last name… You wouldn’t, by chance, be related to THE Fey clan, would you?

Mia: I am, but I’m not a practicing spirit medium, if that’s what you’re really asking.

Host: How generous of you. I’m sure our viewers at home would love to catch a glimpse of the mysterious world of channeling!



Host: A two-hour train ride and one bumpy bus later and here we are in the mountains just outside of town. This is Kurain Village, which sits in an area that has been affectionately dubbed “Medium Valley”. As per the conditions for this interview, we have brought with us five hamburgers with the works, some fries, and–

Maya: *snatches the large bag out of the host’s hands, opens it, and inhales deeply* Ah… That’s the stuff.

Maya: *notices the camera is rolling and waves* Thanks for arranging this, Sis!

Host: And you must be Ms. Maya Fey?

Host: Your sister spoke fondly of you. It sounds like you two are close. Do you talk a lot?

Maya: On and off. We call each other when we can, and I try to visit her as often as possible.

Host: Ah, then you must know about her junior partner, yes? He seems quite capable for a rookie.

Host: “Nick”?

Maya: That’s what Sis says his friend Larry calls him, not that I’m going to call him that to his face. Well… not at first anyway.

Host: So tell me a little about yourself. What does it take to be a spirit medium, anyway?

Maya: It’s a lot of hard work! And standing under waterfalls! But honestly, a lot of my training just has me sitting around chanting stuff.

Host: That sounds… um, interesting…

Host: Um… Are you sure you should be saying that on TV…?

Maya: The elders say it’s to help me increase and focus my spiritual powers, but you know what would help me increase my powers? If the chants were less about esoteric spirit stuff and more about the Steel Samurai’s special moves. Now THAT’S something I’d gladly recite – even in my sleep!

Host: *sweatdrops* I’m surprised that a spirit medium of your age would be interested in a kids’ TV show…

Maya: It’s only a kids’ show if you let yourself judge things based on narrow-minded cultural assumptions!

Host: R-Right! Of course!

(Note to self: ask where the show’s source gets their info, because this girl is totally not what I expected…!)

Maya: Anyway, since you’re here, let me show you around town!



Host: Unfortunately, that’s about all the time we have this week. Thanks again to Mr. Phoenix Wright, Ms. Mia Fey, and Ms. Maya Fey for their time. Join us again next time when we sit down with the fine prosecutors of our fair city. Until then, don’t forget to be “Great People Around Town”!


Throughout the next few months, “Great People Around Town: Legal Edition!” will be bringing you more interviews with other the key players behind the drama, intrigue, and pure insanity that is the world of Ace Attorney. If you are new to the series, I hope you’ll stick around and get to know them a little more. I promise you won’t regret it!

Next time, we’ll be diving a little deeper into how the series came about. If we’re lucky, we may even uncover a few obscure facts for you trivia buffs out there…

Until then!