MH4U monster spotlight: Zamtrios, the Monster Shark

Oct 25, 2014
2014 Oct 25
Yuri Araujo

We’ve seen how the Zamtrios was inspired by real-life sharks on our #SharkWeek special, and we even touched briefly on its subspecies Tigerstripe Zamtrios ; now it’s time to take a closer look at the actual Zamtrios and what it does in the game.

Will you dare to stare the monster shark in the eyes?

For starters, I know the image above makes the Zamtrios look quite deadly (and it is), but don’t worry too much. When calm, it doesn’t have that sharp icy armor covering its body… here’s a little clip showing the transition:

Okay, now you can be scared.

Once you manage to cut through Zamtrios’ rime coat, it willl inflate itself into a giant deadly  blob .

No… it’s not funny. This thing can jump really high and come crashing down on any distracted hunter. And since it forms a pretty large circumference, it can cover long distances pretty fast by rolling in your direction.  These screenshots  of the Tigerstripe Zamtrios illustrate this idea very well.

By now you should be at least 35% more scared of sharks and 78% more scared of the Zamtrios… but hey, here’s a little incentive to try and take this guy down:

Bow (left) and Lance (right)

Blademaster armor

Gunnner armor

Dual Blades – see more Zamtrios weapons here .

Oh! Let’s not forget Zamtrios’ ice beam attack… basically a  shark with lasers !

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