MMLC Robot Master List: Plant Man

Aug 26, 2015
2015 Aug 26

Number: DWN-045

Weapon:  Plant Barrier

Weakness:  Blizzard Attack

Once a mascot for a botanical garden. He doesn’t have many ways of attacking, so he should be easy to beat.

Plant Man is a robot masquerading as a plant, masquerading as a man. Or vice versa. And as a plant-themed Robot Master, Plant Man pays due homage to Wood Man of Mega Man 2. You’ll notice a number of reminiscent elements in Plant Man’s stage, from its tree-laden backdrop to the perhaps out-of-place ape adversaries.

And indeed, like Wood Man before him, Plant Man wields a shield weapon which he can generate around his body and then launch at Mega Man as a projectile. Simply jump over the launched Plant Barrier and retaliate with gunfire to turn Plant Man into mulch. You can use the Blizzard Attack to speed up the process.

Victory will allow Mega Man to equip the Plant Barrier himself for added protection and bragging rights.

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