Watch the Umbrella Corps Gamescom ESL Tournament on August 19!

Aug 18, 2016
2016 Aug 18

Update:  Congratulationsto MAD III on their victory in the Umbrella Corps Gamescom Showdown!

Gamescom 2016 has begun in Cologne, Germany. Amidst all the exciting new announcements (such as this awesome new Resident Evil 7 gameplay trailer ), four teams are mentally preparing themselves to give their Umbrella Corps skills the ultimate test. On Friday, August 19, players from across the world will compete for a cash prize in fast-paced 3v3 shootouts set in the Resident Evil universe, teeming with deadly creatures.

The Umbrella Corps Gamescom Showdown, brought to you by ESL and Capcom, is a single-elimination event. For the Semi-Finals, teams will go head to head in the high-stakes One-Life Match and the team to win best of three will continue onto the Grand Finals. The Grand Finals will switch to a best-of-five showdown. The winning team will walk away with $15,000 cash and all the fuzzy memories that come along with a free trip to Gamescom 2016 ( earned by placing in the Qualifier Cup )

Be sure to tune into the Umbrella Corps Gamescom Showdown on ESL’s Twitch channel , which will be airing on August, 19 at 1:00 am PDT. Don’t worry if you can’t watch at that time; we’ll be sharing an archive of all the exciting action in the near future.

Also, Capcom-Unity is livestreaming Umbrella Corps and more Resident Evil action today (8/18) at 2:00pm PDT on our Twitch channel . We’ll also begiving away codes for Resident Evil games, so drop on by!

Time to meet the teams!

Team Tomodachis

Members: raJa Kadapt Deman

Team WeMainMei

Members: redMerc Susy HitBoxMe

Team U-Eu

Members: Syluxxx bioNic  ,  Ulric Von Karsing


Members: elTunisiano Secretly ShooTeX