SFV Capcom Fighters Network Beta 2 Begins This Weekend! May 11-14

May 10, 2017
2017 May 10
Harrison Young

Ready to sample the new and improved Capcom Fighters Network (CFN) for Street Fighter V? Both PC and PlayStation 4 players (with PlayStation Plus) can leap into the CFN Beta for some cross-play action beginning 6PM PT on Thursday, May 11, and play through the weekend to 6 PM PT on Sunday, May 14. For our European players, that’d be 2am UK Time Friday, May 12 to 2 am UK Time Monday, May 15. You don’t even need a copy of Street Fighter V to participate – simply download the Beta client for free and get crackin’!

Ed and his Psycho Power-infused boxing skills make their debut during the Beta as well. You’ll be able to sample the upcoming character Ed throughout the Beta, so please enjoy this free preview.

Ed, the Season 2 balance changes and numerous other tweaks make this an extremely important Beta for SFV players and the new CFN. We want to ensure this update injects a new sense of excitement and energy into the online Street Fighter V experience, so please log in and let us know what you think!

For full details on the upcoming Capcom Fighters Network improvements, click here.  

For full details on the new Season 2 balance changes, click here.

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