Puzzle Fighter adds Quests and more!

Dec 20, 2017
2017 Dec 20
Jeffery Simspon

As the holidays approach, the Puzzle Fighter development team at Capcom Vancouver have a sleigh full of goodies for our players. Now available on iOS and Android, our 2.1 update includes a Quest system, exclusive holiday content and a new way to challenge your friends.

This is the last planned update of 2017. We’re incredibly grateful for the support of all our players. We hope you have a good holidays and can’t wait until 2018 when we have even more to bring to the game. So keep giving us your feedback on our social networks, as your insights and experiences are critical for us to keep improving your play experience.

Puzzle Fighter Update 2.1 Details


  • Daily and Weekly Quests provide players with challenges
  • Completing Quests rewards players with Rare, Epic, or Legendary Chests

Newsfeed Update

  • Enhanced in-game newsfeed with support for embedded images, video, and hyperlinks

Friendly Battles

  • Players now have the option to challenge a friend using max level Fighters and Skills

Holiday Content (Available from December 21st to 27th)

  • Holiday-themed Main Menu
  • Holiday-themed Special Effects
  • Exclusive Holiday Skins/Costumes
    • Blanka
    • Chuck
    • Dante
    • Morrigan
    • X
  • Character Skins acquirable through special Holiday Chests
    • Chests are purchasable between December 21st through to 27th
    • If you do not have one of the characters with a holiday skin you will not see the Holiday Chests in the store
    • Once obtained Holiday Skins remain in your inventory beyond the 27th


  • Shortened match duration for Rookie, Bronze, Super Bronze, and Silver leagues
  • Increased the number of Timer Gems generated from Chains by 10%
  • Timer Gems generated from Chains now apply to Super charge rate
  • Decreased the Super Charge bonus of Tier 2 Affinities by 50%
  • Decreased the Super Charge bonus of Tier 3 Affinities by 50%


  • Increased AI turn speed for Medium, Hard, and Expert level Missions
  • Increased opponent HP
  • Increased number of Timer Gems sent by AI

Connection Optimization

  • Implemented a fix for players having difficulty playing via cellular data


  • Improved Shop layout
  • Affinity Chests
    • Affinity-specific chest rewards
  • Updated Offer Banners