Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Exhibition at Combo Breaker 2018!

May 16, 2018
2018 May 16
Andy Wong

On May 25 at around 7pm PT, four legendary players and four players chosen from auctioned tickets will take the stage in a one-of-a-kind exhibition for Street Fighter 30 th Anniversary Collection at Combo Breaker 2018 in St. Charles, Illinois! For everyone at home, this tournament will be broadcasted on the Capcom Fighters Twitch channel.

The Street Fighter 30 th Anniversary Collection Exhibition will feature eight players total, including four players associated with many of the titles featured in the collection:

To become one of the other four players in this tournament, you will need to take part in an on-site auction for entry. Combo Breaker holds auction tournaments each year, where players bid on entry into a bracket, 1 by 1, until the bracket is full. For this special Street Fighter 30 th Anniversary exhibition tournament all bids will be to square off against one of the 4 competing Street Fighter legends! 100% of the auction entry money goes to the tournament champion. If you can make it to St. Charles, Illinois on May 25 and want your moment to shine, this exhibition is for you!

The exhibition will be a single elimination tournament with best three out of five matches. Each player will need to remain flexible as all 12 titles from the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection may make an appearance. Before each match in the tournament, the game that will be played will be chosen randomly to keep everyone on their feet!

You won’t want to miss Street Fighter history coming together in this exciting exhibition! Tune in to the Capcom Fighters Twitch channel on May 25 around 7pm PT to witness some of the highest tournament-level play for Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection!