Ace Attorney Files: Miles Edgeworth, Perfect Prosecutor

Mar 20, 2019
2019 Mar 20
Kellen Haney

Today, we’re talking about Phoenix’s red-suited rival, a calm, collected, cravat-wearing man known as the “Demon Attorney” due to his perfect win record and commanding presence in court: Miles Edgeworth!

That’s right; you’ll pay for the whole seat, but only need the edge’s worth, because it’s time to – sorry, the Judge has instructed me that I’ll be held in contempt of court if I make another pun like that. At any rate, let’s take a closer look at the feared prosecutor with a flawless court record.

You’ll first hear about Edgeworth by name only when you start the second case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, building up a bit of mystery around him as Phoenix rides high off of his victory over Winston Payne, the “Rookie Killer.” When tragedy befalls the Fey and Co. law offices, Phoenix finds himself in the awkward position of defending his mentor’s younger sister, Maya Fey. The prosecutor for the case? A ruthless man known as Miles Edgeworth, famed for being one of the youngest prosecutors in the country as well as his pristine victory record.

It’s not just his record that’s cause for alarm, though. Rumors swirl around Edgeworth along with whispered accusations that he will chase down victory at any cost, including hiding and even forging important pieces of evidence to ensure that the case goes the way he wants it to, when he wants it to, every single time. In truth, Edgeworth seems to detest crimes in all its forms. To him, the only way to ensure justice is served is to find the accused guilty by any means necessary.

As you navigate each case, you’ll be treated to a number of Edgeworth’s underhanded tricks, including dictating the flow of the courtroom, to presenting evidence that he “accidentally” forgot to introduce earlier on in the case. While Payne may be a pushover, Edgeworth has none of the older prosecutor’s flaws. His effortless ability to command the pacing of each trial and clever use of logic to bolster his case – while undermining Wright’s arguments – makes him an intimidating addition to the courtroom. None of this is surprising for a character who initially comes off as cold, calculating, and occasionally a bit cruel.

Of course, the game isn’t called Miles Edgeworth: Ace Prosecutor Trilogy. While Phoenix may have his work cut out for him, he’s not willing to back down in the defense of his clients, either. The stubborn rivalry between Phoenix and Edgeworth makes for incredible courtroom clashes between Phoenix’s unshakable belief in his client’s innocence and Edgeworth’s, desire to see each of Phoenix’s clients proven guilty.

You’ll be able to find out the truth for yourself when Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam on April 9 th!