Fear surrounds you in Resident Evil Village, available now

May 07, 2021
2021 May 07
Kellen Haney

Resident Evil Village ushers in a new generation of survival horror on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Steam, and Stadia! Step into the snow-covered shoes of Ethan Winters as he explores a chilly village and the surrounding area in search of his kidnapped daughter, taken from him by none other than Resident Evil mainstay Chris Redfield.

Horror as a form of entertainment has been around for as long as humans have been telling stories. There’s nothing quite like sitting around a campfire, telling tall tales about strange hitchhikers with hooks for hands, sirens that steal people away in the night, unseen and unsettling creatures that live in swamps and lakes, and strange dolls that always seem to have one broken eye that follows your every move. Of course, when all is said and done, we know these are just tales and legends we tell to scare one another for fun.

And yet… those stories often come from something primal within us. All it takes is a distant howl to send a shiver down our spine. In a flash, we feel the same fear as our ancestors as they huddled around a campfire for warmth, hoping light and fire would keep away the hungry maws and flashing eyes circling at the edge of the dark.

Because, after all, there’s always a tiny bit of truth to every myth.

As you step into the world of Resident Evil Village, you’ll step into a world of survival horror unlike any other. Blinding, silvery snow gives way to the remnants of a small village nestled among the mountains, while the towering Castle Dimitrescu looms large in the distance. Strange talismans dot the landscape, suggesting that not is all as it might seem at first glance. While Resident Evil 7 biohazard focused on the cramped and claustrophobic rooms and hallways of the Baker family estate, Resident Evil Village provides a variety of places to explore, including a snow-capped village and a gothic castle. No matter where you are, though, you’ll have to keep your wits about you, as strange creatures can attack from any direction.

Anything but defenseless, Ethan will be able to protect himself with a variety of weapons. Careful management of ammo and resources is key, though Ethan is the resourceful type. Found throughout the environment and occasionally from fallen enemies, crafting components like green herbs, chem fluid, scrap metal, and more can be used to make essential items including First Aid Meds and ammunition. You’ll be able to choose what to make, but careful management of your crafting components is just as crucial as managing your items.

Fortunately, if your firepower is a little lacking or you find yourself in desperate need of a First Aid Med, a jolly and rather rotund merchant, simply known as the Duke, is always willing to open the doors of his shop… as long as you’re willing to open your coin purse. Aside from selling useful items, ammunition, and crafting recipes for a fee, the Duke can tune up your weapons to improve firepower, rate of fire, ammo capacity, and more. You’ll need to spend your coin to do so, but surely you can’t put a price on life, can you? (Well, maybe the Duke can.) You can always sell excess items, ammunition, and even weapons, while the Duke will also buy various treasures found throughout the environment and on defeated enemies for… shall we say, a fair price.

You may (or may not) be surprised to learn that the Duke is also a bit of a gourmet, and will even cook up some delicious meals for you free of charge! This is the Duke, however, so you’ll need to supply your own meat, poultry, and fish – nothing in life is free, after all. Bring these ingredients back to the jovial trader, and he’ll provide you with hearty dishes that can permanently improve your stats! You’ll need every boost you can get if you want to survive the harsh trials that await.

The remote village and the haunting Dimitrescu Castle are just two of the areas you’ll explore, each with their own deadly foes to deal with. We don’t want to spoil the rest of the fun – and the frights – for you, but rest assured that there are far more terrifying creatures that await those brave enough to fight their way through the lycan hordes as Ethan Winters searches for his missing daughter.

Of course, we also have a thrilling bonus mode returning in Resident Evil Village, as well. The Mercenaries makes a comeback, bringing with it high-octane action in a race against the clock to complete stages based on the main story and go for a high score! Unlike previous versions of The Mercenaries, you’ll be able to gain skills as you move through each stage. These skills stick with you until the end of your current attempt, so use them to your advantage as you seek out the elusive highest ranks in this mode that you can play over and over again. You’ll need to complete the main campaign to unlock The Mercenaries, so be sure to use your survival instincts to make it to the end of the story.

Don’t forget, your purchase of Resident Evil Village will also entitle you to download Resident Evil Re:Verse, a competitive online multiplayer game featuring fan-favorite Resident Evil characters, once it’s available in Summer 2021. It’s finally time to step into the village and join Ethan on his search for answers. Fear surrounds you with Resident Evil Village, available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC Steam, and Stadia!