Online Tournament Mode Available Now in Street Fighter V

Aug 16, 2021
Aug 16

With the arrival of Oro and Akira also comes the long awaited Online Tournament Mode! This free mode is now available to all Street Fighter V players and will allow you to participate in player-created tournaments and even host your own! In this blog, we’ll go over the details on how to join or start your own tournament.

First up, we have a video that highlights the main features of this mode:

Creating a Tournament

To create your own tournament in SFV, start by navigating to the “CFN” menu on the Main Menu. From there, scroll all the way to the right and select “Tournament.”

From here, you’ll see a list of tournaments already created. Press the “Options” button to enter the tournament creation mode. You’ll start by determining the basic details of your tournament. Keep in mind that the name of your tournament will be your Capcom Fighter ID followed by “CUP” (e.g. a player named “Fighter01” will get a tournament called “Fighter01 CUP”).

Modify the basic details of the tournament.

After creating your tournament, you’ll have the option to modify the following:

  • Start Date and Time – Time zone is determined based on your location.
  • Max number of Players/Teams – Max of 64 total.
  • Password – If you wish to limit who can enter, they will need to know the password.
  • Tournament Format – Double or single elimination.
  • 3rd Place Playoff – If you wish to have a playoff match for 3rd place.
  • Character Select – If this is off, players will be defaulted to their favorite characters for online matches.
Specific rules ranging from number of rounds to how many wins needed
  • Regulations – 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 / 3-on-3 Team Battles.
  • Match Format through Throwaway Matches – Rules set for Team Battles only.
  • Rounds – Number of rounds per match.
  • Match Time – How long each round will be.
  • Victory Settings – First to 1, 2, or 5 rounds.
  • Hardware – PS4, PC, or no preference.
  • Entry Preference – Open to all players or limited to nearby players only.
  • League Restrictions – This applies to rank such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.
  • Character Restrictions – Limit certain characters only or allow any character!
    • Note: participating players can only use characters they own.
  • Stage Restrictions – Limit which stages can be chosen.
    • Note: only stages owned by the tournament creator can be selected. Random Stage setting is set by default.

From here, the tournament is created and the creator can monitor who enters and they can remove any players they want. Entrants can also view the list to see who their potential opponents will be.

When the tournament starts, you can watch the progress of matches and view them live!

Tournament Creator can also live spectate matches if they reserve in advance. Participants and all SFV users can watch the replays after the bracket concludes.

Watch the replays of matches and see the results of each match on the bracket screen!

Once a tournament ends, you can view the winner and the results of each match from the entire tournament.

A winner is you!

Joining a Tournament

Joining a tournament is even easier than setting one up! Simply go to the Online Tournament Mode and see the list of available tournaments.

You can change the display order to filter tournaments out or search directly via Fighter ID (FID) or keywords. As a reminder, tournament names will be the FID + “CUP” so if you are looking to join a specific tournament, search for the creator’s FID.

From here you can enter the tournament.

If you are entering a team tournament, you can send requests to friends to join your team.

Once entered, you can view the participant list until the tournament begins. You’ll have to check in before the tournament begins, including teammates if it is a team tournament, so take note of the tournament’s date and time. From there, you participate as normal and fight to become the champion!

We hope you enjoy Online Tournament Mode and that this gets your Street Fighter V competitive juices flowing even more! For more info on Online Tournament Mode, check out the Online Manual. Also, be sure to check our Twitter and Facebook for info on upcoming tournaments!