Operation Raccoon City – multiplayer trailer

Jan 12, 2012
2012 Jan 12
Minish Capcom

Versus matches in REORC aren’t just You vs Them – they also include shambling hordes of zombies, hunters and who knows what else, all trying to get a piece of you before the round is through. Keep that in mind as you watch today’s multiplayer trailer, which outlines the various online modes found in the game.

So yeah, while you’re trying to secure samples or take out the other team, the fatally neutral “third faction,” i.e. zombies, will attack whatever’s in their line of sight. This three-way battle should make for some interesting online matches, especially when you use items and abilties to make the other humans seem more appetizing.

This is the second trailer for Raccoon City this week; we also have the impressive Triple Impact trailer , plus the trailer with more details on the Heroes Mode teased in today’s video.

Game’s out March 20, with pre-order details listed here .