Genesis version of Super SFII now on US Virtual Console – with online play

Apr 27, 2012
2012 Apr 27
Minish Capcom

Back in the 16-bit era, the SNES vs Genesis (or Mega Drive, if you prefer) argument raged for years, with each side always looking for the slightest edge over the other. At the time, I was a staunch Nintendo fan, so when it came time to choose a version of Super SFII, I went for the SNES copy. Meanwhile, other friends went for the Genesis version and we’d argue all over again about which version was better, which console was superior and so on.

Fast forward to today, when the Genesis version of Super SFII gets a feature neither it nor the SNES version could have ever imagined – online play through Wii’s Virtual Console! That would’ve made our 14-year-old heads spin…

Not much else to say about this – you know what you’re getting! Let’s celebrate with the Genesis version of the classic Cammy song:

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