Farewell, Seth!

Jun 22, 2012
2012 Jun 22
Minish Capcom

As you no doubt saw on Tuesday, Seth Killian announced that June 22 (today) would be his last at Capcom. His contributions to Capcom and Unity in particular are immeasurable, and all of us here – from Unity to licensing to marketing to PR and so on – will miss him dearly. Our own Francis Mao drew this farewell image for Seth earlier today, and I wanted to share it with you, along with a helping of all your kind words from Seth’s goodbye post .

Seth, all I want to say is thank you for all of your hard work at Capcom and giving us hope for a new Darkstalkers sequel. I would also like to thank you for chatting with me in awesome Capcom events. I had a blast speaking to the guy who helped bring back Street Fighter and the Versus series from their long slumber. Thank you for everything, Seth. We will all miss you. Kori-Maru

Seth, thanks for everything you’ve done during your time at Capcom. It’s depressing to think about where the fighting game genre would be right now if Street Fighter IV hadn’t been such a great game, so anyone who’s enjoying playing post-2009 fighting games right now owes you a hug 🙂 Gavacho13

Thank you for what you did behind closed doors with the Board of Directors. I’m sure the decisions you made, and pushed for, helped every fan of the company. Good luck with your new endeavor and don’t ever forget, “We await your return, Warrior.” Regulas

Thank you for all your hard work and effort over the years, Seth.  You did a wonderful job as the public face for many Capcom games and as the catalyst for a greater (Cap-)community.  You should definitely be proud of what you accomplished.  Take care and I look forward to seeing what you do next. Joshua

I just want to say thank you, Seth. Not only for being an inspiration to everyone but for having such a great impact on the FGC as well as everything that surrounds it.  Us Capcom fans will never forget your efforts. Phil

On behalf of fighting game fans and competitors everywhere I’d just like to say “thank you.”  The FGC and the genre itself wouldn’t be where it was today without you. You gave us a voice when we had none and made people realize how important it was to listen to that voice. d3v

From the day I first sat under the hot lights of the interview room, Seth has been the wise advisor, confidant, coach, and friend that has encouraged me through hard times and taken me down a peg in moments of triumph =P There is no replacing Seth, but the wisdom and encouragement he’s imparted to us will keep his presence in this office, whether he likes it or not. Thanks, Seth! GregaMan

And so many more.

I wouldn’t be here at Unity if it weren’t for Seth. I mean that in a grander sense than “because he’s the one who hired me” – his role and actions here inspired me not just as a member of the games press, but also as a lifelong Capcom fan. When the chance came to work alongside him, of course I leapt up out of my chair and hauled ass over here. Now that’s he gone, Greg and I will continue the good work he helped start, plus bring in new faces to help keep Unity moving ever onward and upward. It’s all about community – no one proved that more than Seth.

Farewell, Seth, from everyone at Unity!