For Everlasting Peace alternate cover art

Jan 07, 2014
2014 Jan 07
Minish Capcom

There’s no denying the professional quality of rnn’s image that won our MM25 album contest . But there were several other great pics that nearly made the cut, and today I wanted to share ’em and give the artists their due!

The header image up top is from Peter R, which channels a bit of ” Queen II ” and really walks the line between serious and playful. There are some smiles to be found, but the grim determination of X, Zero and the rest shines through.

This image was “constructed digitally with paper and magazine clippings,” which was definitely the most unique method I saw in the contest.

This colorful jam piece comes from Unity member Thor . It follows the contest rules by showcasing each of the main Mega Man, but then goes above and beyond by cramming just about every  other  character into such a tight space. Really highlights how much vibrancy and life there is in the MM universe. Love it!

Amr chose to focus on Volnutt, who’s discovered a secret, ancient relic featuring the other Mega Men in a classic level-select setup.

Jessica gave the group a brief moment of happiness – no sullen colors or anguished faces here!

Finally, Tabby really played up the musical nature of the contest by integrating the Mega Team’s helmets into a musical bar. I really dig the silly, squished, stylized looks for each of the characters. Fun!

Thanks again to everyone for entering, and hopefully you’ve either bought or sampled the album over on OC ReMix’s site .