Next time on RE Revelations 2 – Episode 4 teaser

Mar 12, 2015
2015 Mar 12
Minish Capcom

The end is in sight! Revelations 2 wraps up next week with Episode 4, the climactic final chapter in Claire and Co’s deadly trek through the Overseer’s island. Those who’ve already finished Episode 3 have seen the in-game teaser for EP4, but if you want to check it again, just take a look!

That’s clearly Natalia, but what’s going on here?

Barry will have to brave a dark, poisonous dungeon before the saga concludes

Wait… a mansion? What’s that about?

And those who’ve been playing know who this is, but what’s she up to? We’ll find out very soon…

Episode 4 launches in North America starting 3/17, with EU following on Wednesday 3/18. The retail disc (which includes EP1~4 and the two bonus episodes) also arrives on 3/17 NA / 3/20 EU, making next week a big one for Revelations 2.