Street Fighter V Steam trading cards available now

Mar 08, 2016
2016 Mar 08
Kellen Haney

Hey World Warrior, you probably woke up this morning and thought “I wish there was something with M. Bison’s face on it that I could collect, or trade for goods and services, like some form of Bison Currency. You know, just in case the dollar fails suddenly.” Well wonder no more, inner self of person that was made up as a flimsy pretext, as Steam Trading Cards have just been added to the Steam version of Street Fighter V! Like all Steam trading cards, you’ll earn a number of cards just by playing the game normally, and can trade with others in the community to complete the set – which, in turn, gives you a badge that can give you some really cool stuff on Steam.

Seems like the kind of thing the leader of Shadaloo would like. So what’re you waiting for? Get playing and earn some cards!