Court Files: The Characters of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Vol. 2

Nov 22, 2017
2017 Nov 22
Kellen Haney

Court is back in session with A pollo Justice: Ace Attorney out now on Nintendo 3DS in North America! As with last week , we’re taking a look at some of the loveable characters that make up the world of AJ:AA . If you’re new to the franchise, just need a refresher, or see some familiar names from more recent 3DS entries like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies or Spirit of Justice, now is a great time to get caught up before diving into Apollo’s early court cases.

If you haven’t caught up on Apollo and Trucy yet, give that article a read before continuing! This time around it’s a trio of characters that will be central to finding the truth.

Even if you’re not that familiar with the Ace Attorney series, you likely know Phoenix for his bright blue suit, his rousing “ OBJECTION ,” and the pulse-pounding music that plays when you’re in pursuit of the truth. Having learned from the original Ace Attorney, his mentor and friend Mia Fey, Phoenix was a rising star in the courtroom, well-known for his ability to turn things around and secure a “not guilty” verdict in his endless pursuit of the truth. He never wavers in believing in the innocence of his clients.

Several years have passed since Phoenix’s debut in court, and it seems that he’s fallen on hard times. A court case gone wrong left Phoenix disbarred, unable to practice law and completely out of a job.

Fans know that a true attorney shows their badge to everyone they meet. Without his, Phoenix instead shows off his piano skills to everyone at an old Russian restaurant called the Borscht Bowl Club… though it turns out he’s a terrible piano player. It seems Phoenix’s miraculous luck and ability to turn things around still have their uses, as he’s a stellar poker player in the club’s back room. Even so, a strange twist of fate brings Phoenix back to the courtroom in the game’s first episode – this time not as a defender, but as a defendant. Phoenix has been accused of murder, and after calling his long-time friend and renowned defense attorney Kristoph Gavin for help, he settles on the younger and much more inexperienced Apollo Justice to take up his defense.

Just what does he see in Apollo, though? You’ll just have to play to find out!

Phoenix isn’t the only returning face, however. The original Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney contains a case that takes place several months after the first four cases end. Bringing a new gameplay element to the table in the form of forensic investigation, it also introduced a high school girl who enlisted Phoenix’s help to defend her older sister, Lana Skye, in court. Seven years later, Ema Skye returns as a detective on the city’s police force! Ema’s plans hit a bit of a snag when she was assigned to be a detective instead of a forensic investigator, seeming to sour the sunny mood she had when she was younger. Initially stubborn in her approach to Apollo and Trucy, she softens up a bit and returns to her bright personality when it comes to her true love in life – forensics! Despite allegedly being on the side of the prosecution, Ema is always happy to look at the evidence scientifically, aiding Apollo and company during their investigations.

When she’s not eating her Snackoos, anyways.

Still, it’s not a great idea to get on Ema’s bad side. Quick to shut down and munch away on her bag of Snackoos (or “karintou” if you’ve been reading Janet’s localization blogs ), it seems like you have to catch her at just the right moment to get on her good side. And that’s not going to happen when there’s a certain “glimmerous fop” around.

If you just heard guitars wailing in your head the moment you read that last bit, then you know exactly who Klavier Gavin is. Compared to his brother, Kristoph Gavin, it seems like Klavier is the diametric opposite – while Kristoph is known as being “the coolest defense in the West” due to his calmness and ability to work under pressure, Klavier goes all-out with the rockstar attitude, including playing air guitar in the courtroom with accompanying music. For him it’s not just an act – it’s a way of life! His wild attitude and demeanor have earned him both adoration and ire, if Ema’s thoughts on him are anything to go off of. And while he has a bad tendency to talk down to Apollo and Trucy, he does seem a bit friendlier than the prosecutors Phoenix had to deal with in his time.

Klavier is also known for being the vocals and lead guitar of his aptly named band, the Gavineers, a group of musically inclined police and prosecution office agents currently on their “Guilty as Charged” tour. A fan of peppering his speech with German words and phrases, he seems to embody everything about the rockstar life. Fun fact: “Klavier” means “Piano” in German, which might be a nod to his musical roots. Considering he’s a guitar player, “Guitarren Gavin” may not have had the same impact.

You can expect a cast of colorful witnesses both on and off the stand, including a noodle stand owner, the members of the Gavineers, and many more in your pursuit of the truth across four full cases. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is out now on the Nintendo 3DS, so head over to the Nintendo 3DS eShop, grab your copy , and get to know the cast!

Looking for more to read? Check out the excellent blogs by Janet Hsu , Ace Localization Director, to learn more about the development and localization of AJ:AA!