An Introduction to the USFIV Omega Edition Characters: Part VII

Dec 05, 2014
2014 Dec 05

Alright everyone, looks like we made it to the end of the Omega blogs. Here is the last and final character, Decapre! Continue on to see what new tools this assassin has picked up.

Hey everyone, Tomoaki Ayano here!

Can you believe it’s December already? With the release of Ultra SFIV and the announcement of the fighting game reissue project here in Japan, this has been a great year for fighting games. Now the year has almost reached its end, but we still have some Ultra SFIV arcade events lined up here in Japan, so if you happen to be in the area, be sure to check them out.

Anyway, in this week’s blog we’re going to close out the Ultra SFIV Omega Edition introductions with the new character introduced in Ultra: Decapre. Let’s get to it!


The approach we took for Omega Decapre differs from the approach we took for other characters: we’ve pretty much rebuilt her from the ground up! From her normals to her specials, she’s become a totally different character! One of the key concepts for Omega Decapre is “invisibility,” so we’ve tried to integrate that into her abilities and appearance.

You’ll be able to tell the difference just by looking at her, but try playing as her and you’ll get a fresh new gameplay experience.

Invisible Ray: Yes, Omega Edition Decapre gets a projectile move. It travels so fast you can’t see it…though it’s not actually that effective as a projectile.

The different button strengths will adjust the start up speed, but any decrease in start-up is balanced with an increase in recovery. You’ll want to pick the strength to use based on your distance from the opponent. The EX version starts up and travels fast, hits twice, and causes a knockdown.

Psycho Transaction: A new move with some very unique properties.

Some of you may be familiar with Juni’s and Juri’s “Psycho Charge.” This is Decapre’s version. She can charge her super and revenge meters at the cost of her vitality gauge. But be careful: if you don’t stop charging before you run out of vitality, you’ll end up KO’ing yourself! This move could be the key to a great comeback!

We’ve also changed Decapre from a charge character into a command character to help her with her offense. The idea is to use your speed to overwhelm the opponent, and when you get a chance…hit ‘em hard!

My inspiration: The invisible assassin!


And that wraps up the Omega Edition introductions for all 44 characters. What do you think? We developed Omega to make the characters more fun and interesting, and to bring some more freshness and excitement to the game. We went back to the basics when working on each character, and we feel that there’s plenty to keep you entertained. Omega is a great opportunity for you to try out new characters you haven’t played before.

Also, due to popular demand, the next update will also allow you to play Omega Edition online! Try out lots of characters, take on lots of challengers!

Well, that’s all for this week. See you again later!