Worlds of Capcom Fan Art Contest: Entry #25 Espiownage

Aug 30, 2010
2010 Aug 30

We’re down to the last third of our entries for the Worlds of Capcom fan art contest ! We’ll be choosing a winner after all art has been shown!

Espiownage brings us today’s crossover piece. I’ll let him explain his very cool piece of art:

I’ve always loved the artwork depicting lots of characters from different series.  Marvel VS Capcom artwork does a good job of this.  So I basically wanted to do a picture like that.  I chose the Overpass stage from Street Fighter 4 as my setting and then I had to decide what characters I wanted to put.  There are quite a few right now, but I’ve decided to add more over the summer, as I feel like I can keep going.

Awesome work!