Capcom Japan Launches Amazingly Detailed TGS Website

Sep 13, 2010
2010 Sep 13

Capcom Japan has really gone all out with their TGS coverage this year! Last week, their TGS site went live with tons of new info, screenshots, and swag for everyone to gawk at. Included in their update:

-The official Japanese Miles Edgeworth 2 TGS website

-All the awesome swag that they will have on the show floor

-An updated Mega Man Universe website

-Updated Monster Hunter Portable 3rd  info

-The link to the official Capcom Japan TGS2010 twitter account .

-And more! They’re even going to have a live webstation (sound familiar?)

If you can’t read Japanese, don’t worry! We’ll be covering all the news out of Tokyo here on Capcom Unity!