The Mercenaries returns in Resident Evil Village, Plus More from the April Resident Evil Showcase

Apr 15, 2021
Apr 15
Kellen Haney

The latest Resident Evil Showcase has just wrapped up, and we’ve got the scoop on all the latest information! Did you miss something? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read on for the latest on Resident Evil Village, including information on the return of The Mercenaries game mode, a new demo, and the latest trailer!

Ethan Winters’ Journey Takes Shape in a New Resident Evil Village Trailer

With Resident Evil Village less than a month away, we’re opening the gate, once again, to the world of survival horror. In the latest trailer, the creeping dead of the village is the least of Ethan’s worries as he plunges further into the unknown. In order to rescue his kidnapped daughter and seek answers to haunting questions, Ethan will have to face bitter truths about why his life was once again shattered, and why the heroic Chris Redfield has taken such a dark turn. Who, or what, will Ethan find waiting for him at the end of his journey, and what terrifying foes will he encounter along the way? The latest trailer provides a few clues, so be sure to watch.

Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo
An additional demo is on the way, as well, with a special structure that gives you a limited opportunity to explore the world of Resident Evil Village in the weeks leading up to the game’s launch across three different windows of availability. The demo only needs to be downloaded once, and will only be available for three windows of availability at specific dates and times, so check out the image below for more information on when you can play.

30 Minute Demos (PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4)
Village: April 17th, 5 PM to April 18th, 1 AM (Pacific Time)
Castle: April 24th, 5 PM to April 25th, 1 AM PDT (Pacific Time)

60 Minute Demo (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Steam, Stadia)
Village & Castle: May 1st, 5 PM to May 2nd, 5 PM (Pacific Time)

The first demo period, available exclusively on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, allows you to check out the snow-covered remnants of the titular village for 30 minutes. The second demo period, also exclusive to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, will drop you into the halls of Castle Dimitrescu where you’ll be given a separate 30 minute experience that is sure to be a bloody good time. The final demo period will give you a total of 60 minutes to explore both the village and castle, and you’re free to use those 60 minutes however you wish. How much time will you spend seeking answers in the village, and how long will you brave the castle’s corridors to uncover its dark secrets? That part’s up to you, but we encourage you to share your experience playing and speculate on what secrets the full game holds!

The Mercenaries Mode Explodes into Resident Evil Village
Survival horror meets high-stakes action in the return of The Mercenaries game mode! This fan-favorite mode has appeared in multiple Resident Evil games since its introduction in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, and now makes an explosive return in Resident Evil Village. As with previous versions of The Mercenaries, this arcade-style mode tasks you with racking up points and finishing stages quickly, changing the game’s focus to a fight against time rather than the fight for survival of the main campaign.

Building on past versions of The Mercenaries, this new version introduces some new additions as well. As you fight your way through each stage, you’ll be able to acquire useful bonus skills that can increase firepower, boost your move speed, or provide other beneficial effects that will help you take down enemies and rack up a high score for your current attempt. In between stages, spend your hard-erned coin with The Duke – a mysterious merchant from the main game – to buy supplies and upgrade your arsenal before heading in to the next stage. The Mercenaries is an endlessly replayable mode that you’re sure to want to try again and again as you adjust your strategy to take down waves of enemies and earn the highest rank possible.

The Mercenaries will be included as a bonus mode for Resident Evil Village, and you’ll need to complete the game’s story before you can unlock it. We hope you enjoy this exciting twist on what the main campaign has to offer!

Resident Evil Creeps in to Dead by Daylight
A special tease and message was revealed in regards to Dead by Daylight! With the asymmetrical horror game from Behaviour Interactive reaching its own 5-year milestone, a crossover event is coming soon that’s sure to hook fans of both Resident Evil and Dead by Daylight. The team at Behaviour Interactive will have more information on this collaboration coming soon.

New Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Trailer
A new trailer for Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness was also revealed, showcasing more of what fans can expect from this CGI animation series coming to Netflix later this year. With a story set several years after the events of Resident Evil 4, both Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield are brought together when their paths cross after investigating two seemingly separate incidents. What awaits them in the darkness that looms large before them?

Find out for yourself when Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness comes to Netflix later this year!

Resident Evil 4 on Oculus Quest 2
The game that revolutionized the industry is taking on a new form with Oculus Quest 2! Resident Evil 4 was an instant classic when it was first revealed back in 2005. Now you’ll be able to experience it in a brand new way with a first-person perspective in an immersive VR world.

If you’re hungry for more, tune in to the Oculus Gaming Showcase on April 21st for more!

That’s a lot to unpack from Resident Evil Showcase! There’s only a few weeks left until fear surrounds you when Resident Evil Village launches on May 7th, 2021 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 (with free digital upgrade to PS5 in North America), Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One with Smart Delivery, Steam, and Stadia. No matter the platform you choose to play on, your purchase of Resident Evil Village also grants you access to download the online multiplayer game Resident Evil Re:Verse for free once it’s available.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the demo once it’s live, and get ready to once again enter the world of survival horror with Resident Evil Village on May 7th!

New Capcom soundtracks added to Steam: Devil May Cry 5 Vergil, Okami and Dino Crisis

Apr 13, 2021
Apr 13
Yuri Araujo

Get motivated to slay demons, restore nature and fend off dinosaurs with these iconic Capcom soundtracks that were just added to Steam!

Today we’re expanding our selection of over 50 soundtracks with the addition of blood-pumping jams featured in Devil May Cry 5’s Vergil DLC, beautiful Japanese folklore-inspired music from Okami and ominous scores from the first two Dino Crisis games.

Here’s the full list of newly added soundtracks:

All of these are available in FLAC, MP3 and AAC formats so you can optimize your download prioritizing quality or file size. And for any songs with lyrics, you’ll find those embedded in the metadata, in case you want to sing along.

By the way, these soundtracks (and more!) are also available for streaming on Spotify, under the Capcom Sound Team umbrella.

So get your headphones on, head over to our soundtrack page and enjoy these iconic tunes!

Street Fighter V Spring Update delivers more info on Rose, Oro, and Akira!

Apr 06, 2021
Apr 06

Hey there, fighters! We hope everyone has been enjoying the Season 5 content so far for Street Fighter V. We appreciate all your support and feedback with the recent major changes. Speaking of changes, with the change of seasons comes a new Street Fighter V season update with the latest information for the game. The SFV Spring Update program brought a more in depth look at Rose, Oro, and a teaser for Akira, so lets spring into action and recap!

Check out the Spring Update video below for every detail revealed:

Oro returns to SFV!

Returning from Street Fighter III, Oro retains his original moveset along with a handful of new moves. However, unlike SFIII where he sealed one of his arms, in SFV his pet turtle occupies his other hand. Also, you may have noticed that Oro has appeared in other characters’ story modes in the game previously:

Just hanging out with Menat
Greeting his old friend Dhalsim

Now let’s get into Oro’s moves and what he has in store for us in SFV!

Oro’s classic leaping attack makes a comeback and will avoid the opponent’s low attacks while netting you a counter hit when timed correctly. Of course Oro can also utilize his patented double jump which gives him the ability to modify his jump arc.

Oro retains some of his classic moves from SFIII

One of Oro’s new moves is called “Tsuranekeashi.” This kick move is used to help keep opponents at bay, but can also be used in combos. The EX version can allow for some follow-up attacks!

Oro’s V-Skill I is called “Onibi.” SFIII fans will recognize that this move looks similar to his SFIII projectile Super Art “Yagyou Dama.” The fireball can bounce off the floor at varied angles leading to different areas Oro can apply pressure. Although it’s a bit slow to start up, it has several projectile hits of damage, so it can go through opponents’ fireballs.

Onibi gives Oro opportunities to apply more pressure.

His V-Skill II is a new move called “Minomushi,” where he makes a small hop. By inputting a punch or kick after this move, Oro can follow up with additional moves.

Oro’s V-Trigger I is called “Manrikitan,” which gives him access to his returning move, the “Kishinriki” command throw. Much like his SFIII version of the move, Oro will grab and slam down his opponent multiple times. His V-Trigger I can also be executed in the air!

Oro’s V-Trigger II is his popular move, “Tengu Stone.” Oro summons pieces of the ground and objects that will float above him and act as follow-ups to his attacks. Every so often, a special item may get pulled in that has a surprising effect on opponents.

Hey, it’s Blanka-chan!

Oro is looking to overpower his opponents in Street Fighter V when he releases this Summer!

Rose’s destiny is fulfilled on April 19 in SFV!

The future looks bright as Rose returns to SFV with some new moves! Revealed with the SFV Winter Update program, Rose has several new moves that add a new level of depth to her gameplay. As a Rose main player in Street Fighter IV, I’m excited to share more detail about Rose’s moveset.

Rose’s V-Skill I, “Soul Fortune,” has her pulling out a tarot card to either buff herself or debuff her opponents. Each of the tarot cards has a different color and a different effect. There’s an icon at the bottom near her V-Gauge bar that indicates which card you have in hand.

Your current card in hand is indicated by the icon shown here.

The white card, “The Magician,” increases Rose’s V-Gauge when used. Hold down the buttons and she will hold the card up and continuously gain V-Gauge! However, be aware that she is vulnerable while charging. The red card, “The Chariot,” will increase Rose’s attack damage, making all her moves stronger while the effect is active.

“The Magician” fills V-Gauge
“The Chariot” increases damage

With her debuff cards, Rose tosses them at her opponent. These cards count as a single hit projectile and they will apply the debuff even if the opponent is blocking. The green card, “The Tower,” will decrease her opponent’s damage. The purple “Death” card increases chip damage and gray life that the foe will take.

“The Tower” lowers opponent’s damage
“Death” increases chip and gray life taken

This new V-Skill adds a whole new depth of play to Rose. Are you more of an offensive player who prefers powering up or do you prefer to play defensively and weaken your opponent?

V-Trigger I, “Soul Dimension,” is a brand new 2-bar V-Trigger for Rose that allows her to teleport to one of three spots on the screen: Back side of the screen, right behind her opponent, and mid-air behind her opponent. The teleport can be cancelled off of most special moves both on the ground and in the air. If you’re looking for strong mix-up potential and extended combos, this is the V-Trigger for you.

A returning Street Fighter IV favorite, Rose’s “Soul Satellite” is back! In SFV this move is now a V-Skill meaning Rose can activate it and summon a single orb whenever she wants. Use V-Skill again to summon a second orb. Each orb can either hit once or negate a single projectile hit. This is the V-Skill for you if you’re looking for a solid pressure tool. 

A slide with a side of orbs

Since the move has now become a V-Skill, Rose can use it at no meter cost. However, this move is slow to come out, so make sure to only use it at a safe moment away from your opponents.

“Soul Illusion” is another returning move, this time from the Street Fighter Alpha series. It’s a 2-bar V-Trigger that summons a mirrored image that follows Rose and executes the same commands she does.

“Soul Illusion” creates a mirror image
And opens up more combo paths!

This V-Trigger can make Rose a combo monster as it not only allows longer combos, but it also increases the damage of her Soul Spark projectiles. In addition, the mirrored image can cover your offense by making unsafe moves safer or allow you to close the distance against your opponent. Using the same normal move a second time in the same combo will launch the opponent, allowing for a different combo path.

Rose is looking future proof with her gameplay styles, allowing for a heavy offensive and mix-up style or a more traditional defensive style.

“What’s the meaning of fate? You shall know.”

During Rose’s victory screen, she tosses a tarot card as the results populate. There are many different cards that can appear during this screen.  Find out on April 19 when Rose releases as part of Season 5 of SFV!

Akira Kazama takes the SFV cast back to school!

The SFV Dev Team had a surprise up their sleeves! Akira Kazama made an appearance, showcasing some of her moves in SFV. Check out the teaser below

As you can see, Akira is going to be retaining some of her Rival Schools style in SFV such as her ability to execute flashy air combos!In addition, her older brother Daigo makes an appearance as one of her V-Triggers, bringing back the vibe of that classic Rival Schools gameplay.

We’ll be revealing more info about Rival Schools veteran Akira in the near future!

Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Begins April 17!

32 tournaments, 19 regions, the Ring of Galaxy stage, 3 new costumes and a brand new color for the ENTIRE SFV cast, Capcom Pro Tour 2021 is gearing up to be explosive! Check out the trailer below for all the updates on Capcom Pro Tour 2021, which starts on April 17.

Catch all the action on the Capcom Fighters channel with our first event in Japan on April 16 11PM PDT/3PM JST!

Street Fighter x Zedd

With the help of world-renowned DJ and hardcore gamer, Zedd, we also announced this amazing line of exclusive apparel! This combines Zedd’s unique style with classic Street Fighter to create the perfect combo. There’s even a glow in the dark Blanka hoodie!  You can get this exclusive collaboration apparel for a limited time on Zedd’s merch store:

All these and more are available now! There’s even one that glows in the dark!

New Costumes for Vega, Seth, and Juri are part of the Season 5 Premium Pass

We also announced brand new Professional style costumes for Vega, Seth, and Juri!

These costumes will be available on April 19 as part of the Season 5 Premium Pass or can be purchased in-store individually for $3.99 each!

In addition to these costumes, you also get all five Season 5 characters as they are released, bonus content “Eleven,” and more as part of the Season 5 Premium Pass! Check out the details below:

Get Street Fighter V content at a discount

Alongside Rose’s release, we are also having a sale on Street Fighter V content!

Get the following content at a discount (PlayStation 4 | PC Steam):

  • Street Fighter V
  • Street Fighter V: Champion Edition
  • Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Upgrade Kit

And that wraps up another season update! Thanks again for all of your continued support as Season 5 is underway. We hope you’re all excited for Rose’s release on April 19! Stay tuned for more info on Oro and Akira with future updates… although that fifth character is still shrouded in mystery. I wonder who it is…

Monster Hunter Rise available now for Nintendo Switch

Mar 26, 2021
Mar 26
Yuri Araujo

Hunters, welcome to your new home, Kamura Village. The scent of Bunny Dangos is entrancing and Hinoa’s singing is very soothing… but don’t get too cozy. We have a dangerous Rampage coming up, and we need you to protect the village!

Are you ready to Rise to the Challenge? Awesome! Then let’s get started.

What is Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise marks a brand new entry in the Monster Hunter series, so naturally you’ll be facing a magnificent assortment of new monsters, such as the menacing Magnamalo with its explosive hellfire blight, and the bone-chilling Goss Harag and its ability to wield deadly icy blades. These are just two examples, but you should go into every hunt prepared to face the unexpected!

Thankfully, Kamura Village is home to some crafty individuals who discovered and perfected ways to incorporate Wirebugs into our hunting tactics. These versatile endemic lifeforms produce incredibly tough threads, known as Ironsilk. You can use Wirebugs to launch yourself into the air and zip around the map, enhance your weapon attacks and combos, and even puppeteer large monsters with a technique known as Wyvern Riding!

Speaking of riding, we’re also ecstatic to introduce Palamutes to Hunters’ parties in Monster Hunter Rise! These Canyne companions are trained to aid Hunters in combat with a variety of offensive tactics, but they’re also so big that you can hop on their backs and ride through the village and all of the hunting locales. And if that wasn’t enough for you… just know that you can customize your Palamutes with fancy armor from monsters.

Felyne fans, don’t worry though; Palicoes are still very much around and have also learned new tricks to keep up with the rest of the party. And since you can take two companions with you on solo quests, why not bring one of each? 😉

Important Logistics Information

Before you get started on your adventure, here is some key info that will get you on the right path:

Game Versions and File Sizes

The initial version of Monster Hunter Rise is Version 1.0.0, and is roughly 6.6GB.

However, as of launch, a small update is also available: Version 1.1.1. This update addresses a few minor issues and enables certain features, such as amiibo functionality. So whether you’ve purchased a physical edition (cartridge) or digital download, please be sure to connect to the Internet and check for updates to install Version 1.1.1.

NOTE: in order to access the amiibo functionality, you’ll need to make a certain amount of progress in the game, then talk to Kagero the Merchant and select Read amiibo.

Demo and Pre-Order Bonuses, and Deluxe Edition/Kit & DLC

If you have save data from the Monster Hunter Rise Demo on the same system and account as the full game, you’ll receive a bonus item pack in game.

Whether you’ve pre-ordered the standard or Deluxe Edition, you’ll get three bonus items in game: the Palamute Retriever Layered Armor, the Palico Forest Cat Layered Armor and the Novice Talisman.

And those who purchased either the Deluxe Edition or the Deluxe Kit (available as paid DLC for the Standard Edition) will receive an assortment of items, including Layered Armor, gestures and character customization options.

Also, we currently have a number of paid DLC items available for purchase on the Nintendo eShop.

NOTE: in order to access most of these items, you’ll need to make a certain amount of progress in the game, then talk to Senri the Mailman and select Add-on Content.

What’s next?

Similar to previous Monster Hunter games, Monster Hunter Rise will feature free title updates after launch, bringing you additional game content at no cost.

Our first title update (Ver. 2.0) is scheduled to arrive in late April, and will feature the return of Chameleos, the debut of Apex Rathalos, and some additional monsters as well. In addition, we’ll be unlocking the “Hunter Rank” cap, along with a few other related features.

The second title update (Ver. 3.0) is coming at a later date, and will feature additional monsters as well as an additional ending to the Monster Hunter Rise story arc.

We hope you stay safe and healthy, and enjoy all the content we have for now in the form of variety of monsters, weapons and armor to craft, and new gameplay to master while we polish up the title updates’ content and delivery to you as soon as we can.

Happy Hunting!

Resident Evil’s 25th Anniversary kicks off with a fresh look at Resident Evil Village and much more!

Mar 22, 2021
Mar 22
Kellen Haney

Wow, what a milestone! It’s official – Resident Evil is 25 years old! That’s old enough to rent a car without an additional fee, but more importantly, it’s a huge landmark for our beloved survival horror franchise. Today is just the start of the celebration, too. We have lots to look forward to over the next few weeks! Here’s just a slice of what to expect.

Resident Evil April Showcase

First up, we have a major announcement to kick things off: A new Resident Evil Showcase will be dropping this April! We don’t want to spoil any surprises, so we’ll leave it to all of you to speculate on what this upcoming presentation might contain. If you’re itching for tasty new info, keep an eye on Resident Evil social channels on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all the latest. If you need something to hold you over, why not watch, or re-watch, the January Showcase from earlier this year?

Resident Evil Re:Verse Open Beta

The high-octane action of Resident Evil Re:Verse is getting an open beta, as well! If you missed the closed beta or simply want to know what the game is all about, this new open beta will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam from April 7th to April 11th. If you still have a beta download from the closed beta test, all you need to do is download an automatic update when the beta goes live, and you’re all set. If you’re just jumping in, you can begin pre-loading the open beta starting on April 5th. Newcomers should also register a Capcom ID today so that you’re all set for the open beta once it begins!

In Resident Evil Re:Verse you’ll play as iconic Resident Evil characters, including Chris and Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, and Hunk as they clash in multiplayer battles across memorable Resident Evil locations. Take down opposing players with your chosen character’s unique weapons and skills to earn points, and string together takedowns to build up your point score – but beware that you’ll have a target on your back as a result! Being defeated in combat is not the end, however. Whenever you’re taken down, you’ll rise up again as a bioweapon with powerful new abilities. Based on how many vials of virus samples you managed to collect in human form, you’ll transform into some of the Resident Evil franchise’s most memorable enemies. Welcome other players to the family as Jack Baker, or hunt down a few S.T.A.R.S. team members as the hulking Nemesis. If you’re skilled – and lucky – enough, you can take revenge on the player who took you out!

The open beta is completely free to download and play, and a purchase of Resident Evil Village will entitle you to download Resident Evil Re:Verse once it’s available. Be sure to check out the open beta while it’s live and get in on the action!

Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 7 biohazard Gold Edition come to Stadia

We’re also happy to confirm that Resident Evil Village will be launching on Stadia day and date with other platforms on May 7th, 2021! Pre-orders are available now, so pre-order today and be ready to play the second that the game launches.

You’ll also be able to see how Ethan’s adventure into horror started with his struggles against the Baker family, too. Resident Evil 7 biohazard Gold Edition is also coming to Stadia, and will be available for free with Stadia Pro beginning on April 1st, or as a stand-alone purchase. With both the original Resident Evil 7 biohazard and plenty of extra content included, it’s perfect for holding you over until the launch of Resident Evil Village.


While today marks the day the original Resident Evil launched in Japan back in 1996, this is just the start of the celebration, and, on behalf of everyone at Capcom, I’d like to say thank you to all fans of Resident Evil the world over. The franchise wouldn’t be what it is today without your support! What started out as a single mysterious incident in the Arklay Mountains has since seen a myriad of games that showcase stories of survival, horror, and, occasionally, hope. Stories of dread unfolding in nearby Raccoon City. A tale of survival and sibling bonds in far-off, isolated research facilities. Sinister plots involving the president’s daughter, complete with a suplex or two. Globe-trotting adventures in Africa, China, the United States, and beyond. Complete. Global. Saturation. A ship like a floating mansion and a city on the sea wiped off the map. Punching boulders in volcanoes. Twisted experiments in fear. A story of family tragedy in Dulvey, Louisiana. A warm welcome to the family. No matter where you started with Resident Evil, we hope you’re looking forward to what comes next.

We have a whole lot more planned on top of all the activities above, so make sure you’re locked in to the Resident Evil Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for all the latest. We’ve got more surprises for Resident Evil Village in store that you won’t want to miss at the Resident Evil Showcase, so keep an eye on our social channels and be ready to mark your calendar, set an alarm on your phone, and take the day off this April – you won’t want to miss a second of the latest Showcase!

As a reminder, Resident Evil Village is coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Steam, and Stadia on May 7th, 2021! As a reminder, PlayStation 4 purchases will be eligible for a free digital upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version of the game in North America, and Xbox One purchases will support Smart Delivery so you can play the game on Xbox Series X|S at no additional cost, as well.

Monster Hunter Digital Event – March 2021 Recap

Mar 09, 2021
Mar 09
Yuri Araujo

Valiant Hunters and Riders, get ready for another round of exciting news for Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin!

Monster Hunter Rise is right around the corner, but we still have a couple of surprises: a game-changing new feature called Switch Skills, details on online systems, a first look at post-launch Title Updates, and a challenging new quest for the demo: Slay a Magnamalo!

Switch Skills – each weapon will now feature a selection of three moves that you can swap out at Equipment Boxes to further customize your play style. You’ll unlock Switch Skills as you progress through your journey, so keep an eye out for them and give them a shot. Maybe you’ll find a new way to play an old favorite weapon. Also, check out our website for a sample list of Switch Skills.

Online Multiplayer Systems – building upon the systems from past games, we’re making a few key improvements to how you’ll match and connect with other players. Now you can more easily welcome or join Hunters in other lobbies by sending out “Join Requests,” or selecting that function from the Quest Board. Additionally, once you’ve finished your quest, you can send out “Likes” to players in your party, making it even easier for you re-connect with Mutual Likes later on.

Post-Launch Title Updates – with the game launch so close, we also wanted to give you a glimpse of what’s to come after that. At the end of April, we’ll be releasing our first free Title Update, featuring Chameleos and other monsters. We also have another Title Update after that planned for now, so stay tuned for more info on that closer to release.

Updated Demo – warning: this one is not gonna be easy! Magnamalo is approaching the demo in a special quest, specifically tuned to challenge your hunting prowess and teamwork. The demo update arrives on March 11th in the US, so give it a shot… if you dare.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin now has a release date—July 9th, 2021—and we have more details on the story and characters that will aid you on your journey.

Story – Razewing Ratha is at the center of this epic tale. Once its wings become fully developed, it’s a monster capable of incredible feats… will those be a source of hope… or terror…?

Characters – the self-proclaimed Felyne hero Navirou is back, along with a new cast of colorful characters: Ena, Kayna, Alwin, and more. Read each of their bios on our official website.

If you want to watch the Monster Hunter Digital Event – March 2021 in its entirety, you can catch it here:

The Digital Event was just the start of our Monster Hunter Anniversary Week. Keep an eye on our Twitch channel for more Monster Hunter Rise activities throughout the week!

Monster Hunter Rise Interview with the Sound Team

Mar 04, 2021
Mar 04

Hello everyone! Shibata here, reporting from the Monster Hunter Rise dev floor! For our third round of Monster Hunter Rise interviews, I’ll be talking to the sound team.

Meet Kosuke Tanaka, the Sound Director, and Satoshi Hori, the Lead Composer!

Shibata: First, would you mind introducing yourselves?

Kosuke Tanaka: I’m Kosuke Tanaka, the Sound Director.

I’m in charge of designing and overseeing the general sound concepts, as well as schedule management.

I do some actual production work as well and, to give a few simple examples, I created the sound effects for the Wirebug and the Title Screen.

Satoshi Hori: I’m Satoshi Hori, the Lead Composer. I’m in charge of supervising all BGM-related elements of Monster Hunter Rise, creating musical concepts for each monster (deciding the sense of scale of each piece, and which instruments to use, etc.), and directing the other composers.

Shibata: What kind of image and goals did you have for the sound in Monster Hunter Rise?

Tanaka: The general theme for the sound was “catchy and easy to understand.”

If the sound design for Monster Hunter: World and Iceborne could be described as “Art with delicate layers,” then I’d say the sound design for Monster Hunter Rise is “to convey everything with one concentrated effect.” That’s what we were going for.

Also, we wanted to treat past titles in the Monster Hunter series with respect, so although there are a lot of new sound effects in this game, we’re intentionally using some nostalgic sounds as well.

Shibata: We’ve already shown some live gameplay footage of the Shrine Ruins at TGS, and the environmental sound effects, like the songs of birds etc., change very realistically based on where the hunter is going, correct?

Tanaka: Yes, in order to make the new stages, like the Shrine Ruins, feel as realistic as possible, we went out and did field recordings in a variety of places. The songs of birds, the chirping of cicadas, ambient noise in caves, the bells of a temple, and lots and lots of other sounds. We’ve put a lot of “real sounds” into the game like that. As a result, we’ve managed to create a soundscape that feels like a living, breathing ecology, which adds to the realism, I think.

As you can see in this image, we used actual nature sounds!

Shibata: The BGM in the trailers we’ve seen so far also uses a variety of instruments. How did you record all of this?

Hori: Oh yeah, we recorded a whole bunch of traditional Japanese instruments: shakuhachi, shamisen, shinobue, and koto of course, but also biwa, hichiriki, ryūteki, taiko, atarigane, Kagura suzu, and horagai. There’s even some very unusual instruments in there that you normally wouldn’t hear outside of special occasions.

On top of these Japanese instruments, we also recorded live orchestral performances in order to convey the strength of the monsters and the scale of the world in a way that you would expect from a Monster Hunter game. The orchestral performances were carried out in Japan, LA, and London, depending on where the music was going to be used and which monster theme we were recording. For particularly fearsome monsters and music that required a large sense of scale, we mainly used Abbey Road in London. Apart from the huge collection of instruments, we also recorded several songs in a variety of genres.

Shibata: Yes, I noticed the singing in “Proof of a Hero: Rise Version”! Can you tell us a bit more about that?

Hori: We used a chorus of 24 people for “Proof of a Hero: Rise Version.”

I think we’ve managed to create a quite unique version of this fan favorite by combining the usual orchestra with traditional Japanese instruments, and vocal music.

For this game, we wanted “Proof of a Hero” to symbolize the people of Kamura Village fighting against the onslaught of the Rampage, encouraging themselves and the players through song, in order to protect their homes.

There are parts in this piece where the themes of Kamura Village and the Rampage are both played simultaneously as well, so keep your ears open for that as well!

Shibata: You mentioned monster themes; have the monster themes been remade for Monster Hunter Rise?

Hori: We haven’t made any huge changes to the original music. We made sure to pay the proper amount of respect to the Monster Hunter series by preserving the quality of the original pieces, while also adding a catchy twist to them to better fit the themes of this game. Mr. Ichinose wanted to have vocals for every piece, so it’s not just the completely new monster themes that will have vocal performances in them, but the arrangements of existing themes as well.

Shibata: In Monster Hunter Rise, the hunter has actual lines of dialogue. How many voice options will there be in the game?

Tanaka: If you want to know the exact number, you’ll have to play the game, but there are enough choices for you to be indecisive over.  

As you said, the hunters don’t just grunt anymore, they have actual dialogue this time, and each voice type represents a certain “personality.” Our script writer had to come up with different settings and a whole bunch of lines for each voice type, but we think he did an outstanding job. It really speaks to the imagination: “A hunter with a voice like this probably lives their hunting life in such and such way,” you know? I really think players will enjoy mulling over which voice they’re going to pick.

Shibata: And you can even pick between Japanese, English, or Monster Hunter language! I look forward to spending hours on the character creation screen!

Tanaka: Of course, if you only want grunts and efforts like in the past titles, there’s an option for that, and you can even adjust the frequency of spoken dialogue, so you can enjoy the VO in any way you want!

Shibata: Why did you make the decision to have the hunters talk this time?

Tanaka: We wanted to use the hunter’s voice as a communication tool between players.

For most of the past entries in the series, players used to gather together with their portable consoles and just talk to each other in real life, and we wanted to recreate this sense of excitement for people living in an environment where it is not so easy to get a group of players together in a physical space. So we figured that maybe we could pull this off by borrowing the hunter’s voice.

Using in-game player voices also removes the necessity for voice chat functionality or companion apps, which significantly lowers the hurdle for communication.

Shibata: Considering that players from all over the world will be able to play together online, is it possible for players to communicate with each other while maintaining their separate voice settings? (i.e. Will it be possible to communicate with players who have different settings from yourself?)

Tanaka: Each player will hear the voice language that they selected in the options.

The dialogue spoken by other players will play back in the voice language you selected, so there should not be any trouble communicating. We hope everyone will use this VO to make friends with people from all over the world.

Shibata: Not only will you be able to play with hunters across the globe, you’ll even be able to talk to each other in languages you understand!

Tanaka: You can also choose whether you want other players’ voices turned on or off!

Closing remarks from me:

Thank you, Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Hori! As you can see, we’re paying plenty of respect to the Monster Hunter series’ legacy, while also making sure Monster Hunter Rise is its own unique entry in the franchise, so we hope you look forward to experiencing the impactful soundscape for yourself. The fact that the hunters have dialogue has already got lots of people talking, so in that sense we’ve already managed to get players excited!

Next time, I’ll be talking to Inouchi, the designer of the monster icons and other illustrations!

Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection is available now for Nintendo Switch!

Feb 25, 2021
Feb 25
Kellen Haney

It’s time to CHALLENGE AGAIN! Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection is available now on Nintendo Switch! The legendary knight Arthur returns with a legendary series of games known for their challenging and rewarding gameplay.

UPDATE, April 15: Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam! Watch the new trailer on our YouTube channel.

Over 35 years ago, the original Ghosts ‘n Goblins made its debut in arcades, and few players knew what would await them when they dropped that first quarter or token into the machine. The game’s haunting music box melodies, vivid graphics, expressive animations, and incredibly challenging gameplay quickly cemented it in the minds of many as an instant classic. Anyone skilled enough to beat the game at their local arcade was worthy of praise, a living legend in their own right. Defeating the game once, however, revealed a shocking surprise: A message reading “This room is an illusion and is a trap devised by Satan. Go ahead dauntlessly! Make rapid progress!” To see the game’s true ending, you’d need to play through an even more difficult version of the game, typically called a second loop, to finally rescue the princess from the malevolent Demon Realm.

Staying true to those arcade roots while building on the series’ legacy, Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection takes a page (or, perhaps, a scroll) from both the original Ghosts ‘n Goblins and its sequel, Ghouls ‘n Ghosts. Seasoned knights will feel right at home among the dark forests and burning hamlets, picking up familiar weapons, like the lance and dagger, and new armaments, including the spiked ball and hammer, to fight their way through hordes of enemies on their quest to save the princess. With the whole game presented in a visual style reminiscent of paper puppets on a picture-book background, Resurrection provides a perfect mix of challenging old-school gameplay and fun, modern visuals.

While Ghosts ‘n Goblins games are well-known for their challenging gameplay, multiple difficulty modes are available for players of all skill levels to enjoy Arthur’s adventure. Knight mode, the game’s standard difficulty, offers a level of challenge that’s just right for both returning players and newcomers who aren’t afraid to taste defeat as they reach for glory. While Arthur will still face down hordes of enemies on his quest, he’s able to take three hits before going down for the count. In addition, optional Banners of Rebirth are available in each stage, allowing you to choose if you want to restart in between checkpoints.

Looking for the greatest challenge Resurrection has to offer? Crank up the heat to Legend difficulty! On this difficulty mode, Arthur can only take to two hits before he’s reduced to a pile of bones, just as he has in other classic Ghosts ‘n Goblins games. Banners of Rebirth are also removed, leaving only regular checkpoints in each level. You’ll need every ounce of your skill – and maybe a little luck – to see each stage through to the end. Hardcore GnG fans take heart – THIS is the Ghosts ‘n Goblins you remember!

If you’re looking for a more relaxed playthrough, the Squire difficulty mode is the perfect choice for a more gentle experience. Alongside being able to take four hits and the Banners of Rebirth in each stage, fewer enemies will appear compared to Knight mode, giving you more breathing room to discover each stage’s twists and turns as you venture into the Demon Realm.

For players looking for a casual experience, and those looking to introduce newly christened knights to what Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection has to offer, an additional Page mode gives Arthur a blessing of eternal life. If he falls in battle, he’ll be resurrected on the spot, able to jump back into his quest right where he left off.

No matter what difficulty mode you choose, Arthur is anything but defenseless. Alongside an assortment of weapons and his trusty armor, Arthur will also have access to a variety of skills and magic that can turn the tables on his foes. As you explore each stage, you’ll come across what first appear to be little balls of rainbow light bouncing around. These are Umbral Bees, friendly little critters that you can collect and return to the Umbral Tree. The Umbral Tree, as its name might suggest, is literally a skill tree. Returning Umbral Bees to the Umbral Tree unlocks new and more powerful skills and magic that can be assigned to Arthur’s Magic Waistband.

Surrounded by zombies? Cast Thunderstorm to call down lightning! Need to bowl over some skeleton murderers? Emboulden turns Arthur into an impervious rolling rock. There’s lots of magic to uncover, including turning enemies to stone, creating a doppelganger that copies your attacks, and a few secret bits of magic we won’t spoil, but are sure to delight long-time fans. A variety of skills are also available, including the ability to increase the number of weapons that Arthur can hold at one time! Be sure to collect those Umbral Bees when you see them, as they’ll certainly be a huge help on your journey.

Offering a different gameplay experience from Arthur’s solo adventures, couch co-op is available for two players to enjoy the game together. Barry, Kerry, and Archie, the Three Wise Guys, can assist Arthur by creating a temporary barrier, carrying Arthur out of danger, or creating temporary bridges and platforms for Arthur to cross. It’s a great option for seasoned veterans and little knights to play together, and for family and friends who want to try a new, different way to play Ghosts ‘n Goblins.

Take note that you’ll need to complete the game once on Squire, Knight, or Legend to unlock sinister new remixes of places you’ve been before. Calling back to the series’ tradition of playing through the game multiple times to see more of what the game has to offer, Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection introduces a new spin on that concept: Shadow Stages. Each stage you’ve previously completed has a remixed, shadowy version, with different enemies, gimmicks, and hazards that create a new experience. No matter how familiar you are with the original stages, you’ll need to adjust your game plan if you hope to conquer each Shadow Stage.

There’s lots more to discover on your own, too. Hidden treasure chests dot each stage, mysterious pits called Hell Holes filled with enemies and rewards can appear if the right conditions are met, and there are other secrets that await those who are up for the challenge. We hope you’re ready to challenge again… and again… and again… on Arthur’s latest adventure!

Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection is available now for Nintendo Switch!

Monster Hunter Rise Interview with Director Yasunori Ichinose

Feb 23, 2021
Feb 23

Hello everyone! Shibata here, reporting from the Monster Hunter Rise dev floor!

For our second round of Monster Hunter Rise interviews, I’ll be talking to the Director, Yasunori Ichinose!

I’ve been a fan of this series since I was still in school, so just getting to meet him is kind of a big deal for me! Enjoy!

Shibata: I’m sure you got a lot of fan feedback after Monster Hunter Rise was announced. Was there anything in particular that caught your attention?

Yasunori Ichinose: I was happy to see the response to the Palamutes was extremely positive, not just in Japan, but overseas as well. A lot of people asked to what extent you can customize your trusty Canyne.

We already revealed this information, but in case you missed it: you can change the shape of their ears and tail, and the color of their coat. We hope you create your own unique Palamute and treat it with as much affection as you would your Palicoes!

I’ve been using my own customized Palamute for checking the game, and it’s grown on me a lot.

I’m playing with a yellow Palamute and a green Palico. I love hot dogs, so I colored them after my favorite condiments: mustard and pickle relish!

We received a lot of reactions to the Buddies, but the monsters were very popular as well.

We introduced 4 new monsters (and a few others): Magnamalo, Aknosom, Tetranadon, and Great Izuchi. We only showed their names and what they look like, but people came up with lots of speculation for each creature and it’s all been really interesting to read.

I’ve seen a lot of fan art on social media as well, which makes all of us working on the game very happy. Thank you, everyone!

This game has a very Japanese/Asian-flavored setting, so initially I was a bit worried what kind of response that would elicit, but people reacted very positively to this as well, so we’re all very satisfied.

We want to create something new while maintaining the core Monster Hunter experience, so we hope you look forward to future information.

Shibata: In Multiplayer, each hunter will be able to bring along 1 Buddy, for a total of 4 hunters and 4 Buddies. This means you’ll be able to take on monsters with a group of 8 characters at maximum, but will monsters actually attack all hunters and all Buddies?

Ichinose: Yes, everyone’s a target.

Buddies will be attacked as well, but not quite as often as hunters.

Shibata: Does the difficulty of the quests get adjusted to the number of players in Multiplayer?

Ichinose: Yes, it does. We’ve looked at past titles for reference and tweaked the settings to fit this game the best.

Shibata: Can you explore the locales without objectives or a time limit?

Ichinose: Outside of the regular quests, we have some quests that allow you play without a time limit as well, so if you want to focus on exploration and gathering materials instead of hunting, you can do that to your heart’s content.

Shibata: Thank you. I still have plenty of other questions, but I think we have to call it a day for now!

Closing remarks from me:

Mr. Ichinose mentioned the response we received to the Palamutes, but I remember being very excited when I first saw these cute doggos myself. I’m sure people will spend several hours just on the character editor alone, haha.

I’ll be bringing you more updates in the future, so stay tuned!

Next time, I’ll be talking to Kosuke Tanaka and Satoshi Hori from the sound team!

Dan Hibiki is back and brings bonus Eleven, V-Shift and new balance changes with him!

Feb 22, 2021
Feb 22

Hey there Fighters! Hot off the heels of the SFV Winter Update and the Capcom Pro Tour Season Final, Dan Hibiki makes his long anticipated return. Additionally, a free update to all SFV players includes the new V-Shift mechanic and a complete rebalancing of the entire cast!

But first, onto the Master of Saikyo! Although I’ve gone over Dan before, I’ll do a brief recap on some of Dan’s new moves as well as his V-Triggers and V-Skills. Before I do though, take a look at his gameplay trailer below!

Dan returns with some major improvements!

Dan comes to SFV with all of his classic moves in tow, along with some new ones! In addition to his classic Gadoken fireball and Koryuken uppercut, Dan also brings back his famous Dankukyaku kicks! New to Dan is the “Danretsuken,” a move Dan had gained in Omega mode of Ultra Street Fighter IV. This move is a multi-hitting attack that has Dan launching a flurry of punches to his opponent. The EX version will launch your opponent, allowing you to add more damage and follow up moves!

EX Danretsuken gives opportunity for longer combos!

Dan’s V-Reversal is the “Saikyo-style Kaihi Jutsu.” This has him rolling through his opponents to get him out of trouble.

New to Dan, as well as the entire SFV cast, is the V-Shift system. Each character has a unique animation for their V-Shift break attacks. Dan’s is called the “Saikyo Donukigeri,” and has Dan executing a well-placed kick, pushing his opponents away.

Taunt your way to victory!

As expected with a character like Dan Hibiki, his patented taunts are the center of his gameplay style! Both of his V-Skills involve utilizing his taunts to gain an edge over his opponents, allowing him to cancel moves and extend his combos.

V-Skill I, “Saikyo-Style Burairuten No Kamae,” is a multipurpose taunt that can be cancelled out of his special moves. It opens different combo routes and can make certain specials safe on block.

V-Skill 2, “Saikyo-Style Otokoboe,” is a standing taunt that’s very punishable on block, but can be used to cancel out of Dan’s normal attacks before quickly cancelling itself into a special or another normal. This taunt has a ton of frame trap potential.

Don’t forget though, that both of Dan’s V-Skills will not only build his own V-Gauge, but his opponents as well! This will lead to some frantic fights with lots of utilization of V-System mechanics!

V-Trigger I is Dan’s patented “Haoh Gadoken,” a giant fireball that can be charged up for a wall bounce or guard crush. This particular V-Trigger is unique in that it is the only one in the game that is only one bar of V-Gauge! Of course with Dan, he always has some unique quirks to his gameplay style, doesn’t he?

V-Skill 2, “Saikyo-Style Otokoboe,” is a standing taunt that’s very punishable on block, but can be used to cancel out of Dan’s normal attacks before quickly cancelling itself into a special or another normal. This taunt has a ton of frame trap potential.

V-Shift shifts the meta, the entire roster gets updates!

Along with Dan, Eleven and the new character balances, the new V-Shift mechanic has been added to Street Fighter V! V-Shift can be executed at nearly any moment in a match by pressing HP + MK at the same time, and will make you fully invincible to attacks, throws, and projectiles for a short time. A successful V-Shift begins a slow-motion effect, allowing you to react to your opponent and punish them! For more on V-Shift, check out the Winter Update Blog and the tutorial video below! For a full list of gameplay and character changes from the recent update, check out the Shadaloo CRI page for the entire list! It’s quite extensive as every single character has received changes!

Eleven is ready to morph into SFV

As we revealed during the SFV Winter Update, Eleven debuts as a mimic character that will transform itself into any character you own from the SFV roster, including Dan! While Eleven has a unique look, it does not have its own moveset and will randomly choose a character and their V-Skill and V-Trigger. Eleven will retain the selected character and their moves during all rounds of the match. To change the character that Eleven is duplicating, you just need to go back to the Character Select screen and choose Eleven again. Eleven also marks the first time you will be able to “Random Select” a character in Online Ranked Matches!

Killer Bee Cammy and Sporty Ed, Menat, and Lucia costumes are here!

In addition to all the above mentioned content, four new costumes are also now available! These costumes are a part of the Season 5 Premium Pass or can be purchased individually in-game:

Check out those fancy new duds!
  • Menat – Sporty
  • Ed –Sporty
  • Cammy – Killer Bee
  • Lucia – Sporty

Look forward to more costumes coming throughout Season 5!

Season 5 Premium and Character Pass

With the release of Season 5 of SFV, we have two different passes available for purchase. Check out the image below for the details on each one.

  • Season 5 Premium Pass $39.99 (PS4) (Steam)
    • All five Season 5 Characters and Costume Colors 3-10
    • 26 NEW Costumes
    • 2 NEW Stages
    • All costume colors for all Season 5 characters
    • 8 Titles
    • Bonus Content: Eleven
    • 100,000 Fight Money (available immediately at purchase!)
    • Exclusive PS4 Themes and Steam wallpapers (available immediately at purchase!)
  • Season 5 Character Pass $24.99 (PS4) (Steam)
    • All five Season 5 Characters and Costume Colors 3-10
    • 5 Battle Costumes (one for each Season 5 Character)
    • 6 Titles
    • Bonus Content: Eleven
    • Exclusive PS4 Themes and Steam wallpapers (available immediately at purchase!)

If you purchase either of these Season 5 passes, you’ll gain immediate access to Dan, Eleven and other available content. It also grants you access to Rose, Oro, Akira, the mystery 5th character and other upcoming content that will release throughout the year!

Dan is available NOW as a standalone purchase or for 100,000 Fight Money.

I hope everyone is excited to get their hands on Dan, as well as the unpredictable fun that Eleven brings to the table! In addition, V-Shift will definitely change the game, so I’m looking forward to seeing what new strategies you all come up with!