SF20: The Art Of Street Fighter 20% Off!

Feb 17, 2010
2010 Feb 17

Check out the Capcom Store ‘s  Deal Of the Week . The San Diego Comic-Con hardcover exclusive of SF20: The Art Of Street Fighter is 20% off for this week only!

SF20: The Art Of Street Fighter  gathers over 1,500 illustrations by Capcom’s top artists over the past 20 years. Included are character designs, concept art, rough sketches, game covers, promo artwork, crossover pieces and even some never- before seen artwork from Street Fighter’s past and present. Plus Capcom artists Akiman, Kinu Nishimura, CRMK, Edayan, Dai-Chan, Ikeno, Shinkiro and others give commentary on their favorite pieces and discuss what it’s been like to help forge the Street Fighter legacy.

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