MvC Origins – Chun Li, Shadow Lady and Arthur

Sep 18, 2012
2012 Sep 18
Yuri Araujo

In the lead up to  Marvel vs. Capcom Origins , coming  September 25th  to PlayStation Network  and  September 26th  to Xbox Live Arcade , we at Capcom Unity  (along with our pals at ) thought it’d be fun to run through the roster and highlight each of the unique, memorable and occasionally insane characters. Since MvCO includes both Marvel Super Heroes  and the original Marvel vs Capcom , we’ve got a lot of ground to cover – we’re handling the Capcom characters, while Marvel has its own write-up  right here .

Today we’ll talk about you probably never heard of ( Chun-Li ) as well as her secret palette-swap ( Shadow Lady ), and the mighty Arthur !


First appearance:  Street Fighter II (1991)

MvCO appearance:  Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Superheroes

If you didn’t catch the sarcasm above, let me try and remedy that:  Chun-Li is so popular that even if you’ve never played a  Street Fighter game, you probably know who she is. She always sported an iconic blue outfit, with a slight variation in the  Alpha series, and is really well-known for her  Lightning Kick – and thighs.

Chun-Li  has managed to show up in nearly every  Street Fighter game as well as  every crossover fighting game with Capcom! She also made a number of cameo appearances in other titles, such as  Little Big Planet, Mega Man 9,  and more.

So she’s kicking butts and faces for so long that the  Marvel vs. Capcom  dev team felt she needed to be in the game twice; thus, they made…


First appearance:  Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Superheroes

MvCO appearance:  Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Superheroes

Sometimes fighting game developers pick out a popular well-rounded character, change his or her costume color, give it a new name, tweak a few frames, call it a new character, and it works just fine. Other times, they do all that and add a repertoire of new awesome-lookin’ moves. That’s  Shadow Lady   for you!

She still has the Lightning Kicks so you can start a match pretending to be just a simple palette-swap; but then you can start shooting missiles and dashing with drills and things just get super crazy!

Also, regular Chun-Li has this:


While Shadow Lady has THIS:


First appearance:  Ghosts ‘n Goblins (1985)

MvCO appearance:  Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Superheroes

If you’ve started on the  Marvel vs. series with  Marvel vs. Capcom 3 or UMvC3 you’ll know  Arthur as this short armored character with a medieval motif, carrying a number of different projectile weapons with the occasional armor upgrade bonus. It turns out that’s just like his original games,  Ghosts ‘n Goblins (and its sequels/upgrades/remakes) but nothing like his first appearance in a fighting game.

In  MvCO , Arthur comes in as an assist, tosses his famous lance in the oponnent’s direction and leaves. Short and simple, lol. See what I did there? Anyways, this assist can be quite effective in the right hands, but I’ll let you be the judge of that, when the game comes out – next week!

Again, big thanks to this  awesome site  for the in-game shots of the assists! It’s quite rare these days… =P