SFxTK Ver. 2013 – Attack of the Balance Updates

Nov 17, 2012
2012 Nov 17
Yuri Araujo

Time for another quick update on Ver. 2013 of Street Fighter X Tekken, from producer Ayano-san:

Hey all, Tomoaki Ayano, back at it again!

We’re just about into flu season over here, and with SFxTK Ver. 2013 underway I can’t afford any risk of illness—which is why I went and got vaccinated! With any luck I should be able to plug away at the update, free of any nasty bugs.

OK then, this week I’d like to once again take a look at three of the more prominent opinions we’ve received regarding SFxTK Ver. 2013 . Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Normal Throws
In addition to reducing the frames on start up from 7F to 5F, we’re considering tweaking throws to make them more viable as a way of defeating your opponent’s defenses. We aren’t looking to up the damage of normal throws with this tweak, so much as we are trying to speed up the matches.

The Vitality Gauge Shaking
We’ve gotten a lot of feedback asking us to stop the vitality gauge from shaking when taking damage.
However, we’ve also heard some folks say that having the gauge shake makes it easier to see who took damage when viewing replays.
Both points make sense, however since fighting games require players to make split-second, situation-based decisions, we’ve decided to go with tweaks that improve visibility for the person actually fighting the match.

Quick Combos
We’ve also had some feedback telling us that Quick Combos will activate without the player meaning to execute them. Seeing as this really hinders gameplay—which is something we really want to avoid—we’re thinking out how to make it so that this doesn’t happen.

As we continue to work on Ver. 2013 , and the actual content of the update gets more fleshed out, I’ll keep on putting everything together and posting about it here on the blog.

I do have one last announcement, though.
The release date for SFxTK Ver. 2013 has been set! Expect it to drop on January 29th, 2013 !

I’d like to thank each and every one of you who has contributed their opinion. From the system to the special moves and everything in between, we’ve gone over all of your suggestions with the intent of making Ver. 2013 just that much better.

Although the release date has been pushed back slightly from the original December 2012 one, we feel that time can go towards including even more of your input.
We need you to hang on just a little bit longer till the update, but once again, I promise that SFxTK Ver. 2013 will be worth it!

OK, I’m all done for this week!
Hope to see you here again soon!